Four years of Nordic Fantasy

This week, celebrates its fourth complete year. On September 23, 2010 the first post was made, and we now enter our fifth year!


2014 so far has been busy, not only for this website which had more new posts than ever and our best year yet in terms of the numbers of people who read our pages (among them, you!) but also for Nordic film and TV people who now finally seem to reap the benefits of those early homegrown projects that turned into worldwide successes a few years ago; in the wake of Iron Sky, Thale, Troll Hunter and Let the right one in we are now seeing a Nordic scene that is able to reach out with more horror, fantasy and sci-fi than ever. Budgets are finally well sized even for horror, and production companies are able to specialize in the fantastical and the dark for the first time. This is not only due to globalization and the democratization of film making tools, but also thanks to local markets having matured and audiences having gotten a taste for homegrown myths and legends.

What: is dedicated to the documentation and promotion of genre movies from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland (the Nordic countries). The website aims to inform about films, video and TV within the science fiction, fantasy, exploitation and horror genres, as these genres are the smallest up here, and deserve more attention. does not cover crime movies, thrillers, action films or comedies.

Some other signs of the good health of the Nordic scene include:

  • The most expensive Nordic movie ever is in the planning stages and will be a fantasy movie, which was unthinkable a few years ago
  • The term Nordic Twilight is gaining momentum and is used by trade papers and mainstream media all over the world
  • Denmark is finally expanding their genre scene and developing a wider range of drama
  • Finland is stepping up as a major force in Nordic genre cinema

The trend is currently quite solid and seems to continue for the foreseeable future. Our massive sci-fi and fantasy overview tells volumes about where things are going. You may not see all of these movies in theatres or on national TV anytime soon, but now we have two generations of genre film makers; one generation still underground, and one professional generation, whereas 15 years ago we had no directors that could be described as belonging to a genre scene, other than by luck and coincidence. Directors and producers used to be generalists, now we have genre specialists!

Why: Fantastical movies are the least produced genre in the Nordic region and it has often difficult to export movies to foreign markets. Nordic movies are mostly known for being very artistic or very mainstream. In fact, sci-fi has never been an important part of Nordic cinema, and horror emerged only in the 00s as a genre to depend on. I discovered that there is no single, good resource on the net that collects information, news and reviews specifically on the topic of Nordic speculative cinema.

It is thanks to all the activity in the film and TV scene that this website – still the only one of its kind – is enjoying its best year ever. 2014 is set to be the year with most visitors, with 81% more people reading these pages than in 2013. It is not always the case than an “old” blog survives and thrives that well, but no matter the case, I owe you all a big THANK YOU for taking an interest. Please continue to visit, read and share!

Best greetings from
Glenn, editor

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