The art of Let the right one in

As an example of the various poster and disc art that movies can have even when coming from the Nordic region, enjoy these galleries of artwork from the Swedish hit movie Let the right one in.

On this site we sometimes post the artwork of movies, either poster art or DVD/Bluray art. They are sometimes the same, but not always. Promotional artwork is often your first meeting with a movie, and who doesn’t remember the days when the images and drawings on a video box determined wether you would rent or buy a movie? Great artwork kan still do that today.

A movie’s printed artwork or digital promo stills are not only good sellers, but also extensions of the movie and enjoyable for the eye. That’s why we over at the NordicFantasy Facebook page regularly post the artwork of new and old horror, science fiction and fantasy movies made in the Nordic region, now counting nearly 100 images. We could have posted them here, but as a follower on Facebook you’ll get notifications of updates, which would not happen if we updated a page here. Just click the Facebook Like button at the top of the right hand column on this page to start following us on Facebook.

However, in that gallery we only post key artwork, i.e. the main poster and DVD art. Here we have collected an extended gallery for the art of Let the right one in, Tomas Alfredson’s multi-award winning 2008 vampire drama which arguably is one of the most unique vampire movies ever. You’ll see the various key images used in different designs, as well as manipulations of some images.

Poster and DVD art for the movie from various countries:

Artwork for the 2004 novel by John Ajvide Lindqvist. The book’s cover was obviously designed before the movie, as you can see below, but there’s also the post-movie re-release, as well as an alternate US title in the wake of the US film remake:

Fan art inspired by the movie. Note how some chose to create original art, while others used movie stills or other official graphics:

Know of more official artwork for Let the right one in? Please let us know!

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