The Ash Lad 2 preview

In Norwegian cinemas now, the sequel fantasy blockbuster The Ash Lad 2. Do you know your Norwegian folk tales? Try to spot as many as you can in the film!

Following the successfull original big budget mainstream Ash Lad from 2017 (original title; Askeladden), the sequel In Soria Moria Castle see Espen and Kristin embark on a dangerous journey to save Espen’s brothers, the kingdom – and perhaps the entire world. They need to find the legendary Soria Moria castle, made of pure gold and according to stories, housing a life-giving water. Unfortunately, some evil Danes are also trying to find the castle.

Directed by Mikkel Brænne Sandemose (Ragnarok, Cold Prey 3) from a script by Aleksander Kirkwood Brown, the 1h41m film (aimed at children aged 9 and up) stars Vebjørn Enger, Eili Harboe, Mads Sjøgård Pettersen, Elias Holmen Sørensen, Thorbjørn Harr, Christian Skolmen and Petronella Barker. It has been showing in Norwegian cinemas since August 23rd.

To Norwegians Soria Moria Castle is probably among the best-known folktales. It was written down by Asbjørnsen and Moe in the 1800s after they had collected folk tales around the country, a bit like the Grimm brothers in Germany, and has inspired Norwegians since. The search for Soria Moria castle might be thought of as a progression, the symbol for perfect happiness. According to legend, the path to the castle is not clearly marked, and the journey is solitary because all people are different and therefore cannot reach the goal in the same manner. It is characteristic of most Norwegian folktales in that it contains a unique undertone of realism and folk humor. These folktales express many customary values, ideas, and characters. One of the most common values expressed is the idea of a common person rising above the circumstances of his birth and becoming successful.




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