68 upcoming sci-fi & fantasy movies

The world’s biggest overview of upcoming Nordic science fiction and fantasy movies! No less that 68 films and videos, with trailers, teaser art, posters and links.

This list includes short films, TV projects, DTV productions, big budget features, web video and low budget indies. In other words, everything related to moving images from the Nordic science fiction and fantasy genres. The list is not necessarily complete, and although months of research have gone into finding every known project and their creators (not an easy task, movies in development are sometimes well hidden), you are welcome to send us links or info on titles not covered here.

This list includes upcoming movies that are predominantly within the sci-fi and fantasy genres. Note that releases dates and project details may change, and that the projects range from confirmed desk drawer projects to theatrical-ready films. The status of the projects have been included whenever possible.

The circle (fantasy, horror)
Swedish big budget feature based on the best-selling novel The Circle written by Mats Strandberg and Sara Bergmark Elfgren, the first of a trilogy. The young adult fantasy story takes place in a fictional rural town in central Sweden and follows a group of teenage girls who discover that they are witches chosen to save the world from an otherwordly evil. Having been in development since 2011, the film has been in trouble as the director at one point left the production, but when ABBA’s Benny Andersson founded a film company in 2013 and took the project under his wings, the film went on track again. Directed by Levan Akin (Real Humans, Anno 1790) and starring Josefin Asplund, Irma von Platen, Gustav Lindh, Hanna Asp, Miranda Frydman. Release date: February 18, 2015.

Deluge – Sands of Sarasvati (sci-fi, disaster)
Finnish feature based on the award-winning eco-thriller Sands of Sarasvati, about a man-made environmental catastrophe, by Risto Isomäki. The events take place in the near future. The Russian researcher Sergey tries to investigate the mystery of a sunken city in the Gulf of Cambay. At the same time, Finnish researcher Kari Ahola tries to solve the problem of melting ice sheets. These two lines of research line up surprisingly well, resulting in the discovery that the ice sheets are in imminent danger of melting. This would result in a catastrophic tsunami and flood. The researchers also begin to find answers to questions posed thousands of years ago. The project is currently looking for financing. To be directed by Pauli Pentti. Release date: TBA.

Space Station Jupiter (sci-fi, drama, action)
The Finnish project Space Station Jupiter (previously known as Operation Noah) is a television miniseries, with a story taking place in the future. World war is raging on Earth and the destiny of humanity is at stake. The Federation has sent a fleet to Jupiter for a secret mission. As they are fighting against a superior enemy, they have to decide for themselves what is right and what is wrong and what they are willing to sacrifice. The English-language film is written and directed by Tapani Viikkila. Production began in 2013 but the movie is currently waiting for more funding. Release date: TBA.

Som en vårmånad / Like a spring month (sci-fi)
A Swedish micro-budget post-apocalyptic Western. Inspired by Eurowesterns from the 60s and 70s, the story is set years after a disaster in which society as we know it collapsed. Humankind lost its importance and large scale civilization is just a memory. Tom, who used to make a living from theft, robbery and murder, has grown old and has retired to an isolated farm. One day a man arrives, with much of the same background as Tom. He agrees to help the man, and takes on a journey that confronts him with old sins. The film has been in production since 2011 and the plan is to continue shooting the coming winter. Directed by Daniel Johansson. Release date: TBA.


They rest in the north (sci-fi, war, drama)
Finnish low budget feature set in the ruined world of tomorrow where a lone man, burdened by his past, wanders through the violent wastelands. His emotions are brought back to life by a woman he rescues from roving militants, but is it too late for him? Originally titled He lepäävät Pohjoisessa, this 88 minute film has made the festival round but general release is pending. Starring Dani Flinkman, Markus Harjula, Toni Kandelin, Onni Kaskinen, Tomi Kerminen. Written and directed by Esa Jussila. Release date: TBA.

Jeremiah Harm (sci-fi)
Finnish-American big budget movie based on the comic book. An intergalactic bounty hunter is sent to Earth to find a gang of space criminals and the girl they kidnapped. The book takes place in space and in New York City, and the film aims to provide the feeling of an 1980s and 90s sci-fi actioner. To be directed by Timo Vuorensola (Iron Sky). Release date: TBA.

Elmer’s law (sci-fi, drama, action)
Norwegian low budget 56-minute film made by students at Nordmøre folk high school. Dag joins the rebells to kidnap the evil queen Regina. When the plan goes wrong by a colleagues betrayal, Dag is the only survivor and is sent to prison. In prison he meets an inventor called Bernhard Elmer. They form a friendship, and Elmer gives Dag his latest invention. Logum, a clock which steers time. With this clock, Dag escapes the prison, and starts the search for his missing fiancée, which was taken by Regina’s army. The film is finished but is awaiting an official premiere. Starring Ola Grutle Larsen, Anders Polden, Frank Spoon Botten, Bente Edvardsen, Raymond Grøvdal Hansen. Directed by Thomas Gunnari Røtting. Release date: TBA.

Soulweaver (sci-fi)
A Finnish post-apocalyptic feature. Soulweaver (we dare you to pronounce its original title Sielunkehrääjä) is an epic, etheric and nightmarish yet hopeful and beautiful vision where the reality, memories and dreams of the Earth’s past and future fate intertwine upon its last days. Man has destroyed himself – new species are rising. Prepare yourself for requiem for Earth. Written, produced and directed by Jukka Eronen. Release date: TBA.

2054 (sci-fi)
Swedish 5 minute short film, set in the year 2054. The Gulf stream has stopped, and within 100 years a new Ice Age will be fact. Northern Europe has been depopulated by the climate, and millions of Scandinavians have sought refuge in countries in the South, although many developing countries have chosen to close their borders. The Sager family has decided to stay in Sweden while trying to run their company, but when the situation becomes intolerable, they flee Sweden in a container. In production now. Written and produced by Maria Ljuslin and Joel Botnen Diamant, directed by Maria Ljuslin. Release date: December 2014.

Hölötrekki 2 (sci-fi)
Sequel to the Finnish low budget animated / puppet movie from 2011. After an epic battle with the KlinkKlanks, the crew of Space Express is stranded on an alien planet called Earth. To survive this violent world, they are forced to ally with their former enemies, and make their way out. When they return to their own galaxy, they find out something has changed and their species are being systematically murdered. Can they set aside their differences and find out who or what is spying on them and lurking in the deep shadows of space? Written and directed by Pauli Hausmann and Juho-Pekka Pekonen. Release date: TBA.

Cased (sci-fi)
And indie production from Finland, with scenes created as motion comics and animation. After decades of war against a symbiotic alien race, two soldiers from both sides are forced to work together in order to reveal the secret that started the war all those years ago. Symbiote Zoey Rutherford and commander Jarvis Holloway will soon learn that the future is defined by discoveries from the past. Originally conceived as a 45 minute pilot, the film is now a feature. Written and directed by Niko Saarela. Release date: December 2015.

Utväxlingen / The exchange (sci-fi, drama, fantasy)
Swedish short film, set in an alternate reality where Sweden has developed into a nationalistic dictatorship where citizens live in constant fear of deportation. In these dark times Jonna and Felix becomes a couple, but can their love survive the iron hand of the regime? Produced by Mattias J. Skoglund and Cilla Holm. Directed by George Ivanov, with distribution to festivals, online and Swedish television. Release date: February 2015.

Svart regn / Black rain (postapocalyptic drama)
Swedish 30 minute short film. Set in the year 2030, seven years after a nuclear war that destroyed the world. People now live in ruins, and the few survivors are struck by plague, brought to them in the black rain falling from the sky. In this world, 12 year old Liv dreams about a better place, an island beyond the sea, so far away that the war did not reach it. Now in preproduction. To be directed by Allie Karlsson. Release date: January 2015.

Tick Tock (drama, comedy, fantasy)
Swedish short film, still in development. During a game of chess, Death’s opponent is a young and unusually optimistic man. During the course of the game, the man talks about a difficult time in his life, something Death can relate to. The difference is that the young man managed to work his way through the problems, and now sees the lighter side of life. For every word he utters, Death becomes more and more frustraded by all the happiness she is missing out on. To be distributed at film festivals. The 12 minute short will be directed by Stina Nilsson. Release date: January 2015.

Despoteia (drama, sci-fi, thriller)
Swedish 15 minute short film set in the year 2050. Sweden’s xenophobic government has created a surveillance society where social gaps are huge. When the government starts to deport citizens because of their immigrant background, two siblings end up on two different sides of the law. Måns is a member of the ruling political party and a policeman, while Ylva lives in the fringes of society, with “unswedish” friends. When brother and sister are pitted against eachother, they have to make a decision; family or fatherland. Previously known as Svea Utopia, the film is written by Lena Lillieborg and directed by Henrik Kursula. Will be shown at Dalarna Filmfestival. General release date: TBA.

Thor Jr (fantasy, adventure)
A Norwegian children’s fantasy film in development. Set in the present day, about a young boy, Thor jr. and his quest to find his father so that his mother can be let out of the mental institution she had been placed in. The movie will feature creatures of Norse mythology like vetter (small elfs) and jotner (a troll variety) and the story is partially set in a mythological version of Jotunheimen, the home of the frost giants of the Vikings. Kristofer Hivju (Game of Thrones) and Agnes Kittelsen (Kon-Tiki, Max Manus) have been attached to the movie. Produced by Kevin Tempel, written by Jan Helge Lillevik. Release date: TBA.

Redeem (action, sci-fi, adventure)
Swedish feature film trilogy in development. In a weak and ruling society, not far from today’s world, where people are killed simply because they are poor, a young woman named Dina is murdered. The brutal murder becomes a turning point when she is given a second chance to redeem her honor and seek cold-blooded revenge on the perpetrators who took her life. The film will be heavy on full-contact martial arts, without any wires or CGI, a first in Sweden. A successfull pilot short has already been released, with lead actress Moa Malan being nominated to Female Action Performer of the Year at the AOF film festival. To be directed by Dennis Petersen. Release date: TBA.


Livslinjer (action, sci-fi, thriller)
A Swedish TV series currently in production. Two completely different individuals, Katta and Mortimer, proves to be a genetic experiment created by the company Clockwork Kandias. The experiment goes wrong and because of their special talents they are now chased by people who want to exploit them for their own account. Starring William Prado, Jo Gylling, Sepideh Vaziri, Ulf Pilov, Lucho Villalobos, Felicia Margineanu, Anna Sahlene, Jessica Håkansson. Directed by Jo Gylling and Ulf Hansson. Release date: TBA.

Allen Quatermain and the Oriental Death Stone (adventure, fantasy)
This Swedish-Korean project is still in its development phase, and is based on the original works of H. Rider Haggard. The film continues the story into the 21st century with an original storyline, following the modern world descendant in the Quatermain line, Allen, in a story that draws from Asian mythology. Her adventures lead her all over the globe as the she must find the Oriental Death Stone before evil villain Zikali uses it to take over the world. The film has been designed as a throwback to the adventure films of the 80s, and Dee Wallace and Richard Chamberlain has both expressed interest in the movie. The producers are currently welcoming investors. To be directed by J. Pingo Lindström, written by Lindström and Josh Hoffman. Release date: TBA.

Apocalypse Machines (sci-fi)
Previously known as War on Earth, this Swedish sci-fi indie takes place after extra-terrestrials have taken over Earth – decades ago – only the deep underground is safe for the few humans that are left. Most people escaped to the space station outside the moon Io, but Teena and her friends choose to stay and fight. Possibly starring David Bowles (Robin Hood: Prince of thieves), and Emmanuelle Vaugier (Two and a half men, Mirrors 2, Saw 4) has been attached. The English-language film is written and directed by J. Pingo Lindstrom, and produced by Tomas Amlöv. Release date: TBA.

From Ashes to Embers (fantasy, drama)
Norwegian indie feature inspired by the post-Viking culture in Norway. Set in the 13th century, Thorgrim is one of the pagans that still hang on to the old Norse ways. Stripped of his nobility and having lost his family, he wakes up in a dungeon awaiting his death sentence, but is set free. In return Thorgrim must assassinate a high lord and also to retrieve a mythical artifact. Thrilling fight sequences, mythical events, folklore, dark humor and gripping drama is to be expected. Starring Hallvard Kongsli, J. I. Falck, Oscar Grøntoft. Directed by Espen Olaisen. Release date: 2016.

Luna Project (sci-fi, horror)
Swedish low budget feature. The year is 2079. After a world war, USA is weakened and Sweden is the first nation to have a permanent base on the moon. However, the scientists soon find a mysterious ice wall and behind it is the answer to the question; are we alone in the universe? Starring Aldo Cunei, Evelina Nilsson, Jonatan Nilsson, Johan Juuso, Ola Isaksson, Jenny Dahlén, Linda Lindmark, Jim Silverlind, Mikael Stridsson. Directed by Daniel Lehmussaari (Children of evil, The Grief). Release date: TBA.

Trefugeesposterhe Refugees (sci-fi, action)
A Swedish-Australian co-production. Two young renegades flee a post apocalyptic Australia and find themselves on a Pacific island inhabited by a mysterious tribe. Loyalties are tested as they are torn between saving the ones they love and living the life of their dreams. The low budget production is described as “bold, sexy and provocative” with “horrifying action sequences [and] passionate sex scenes”. Directed by the Swedish indie director Mattias Titus Paar, produced by Ulysses Oliver, and starring Ola Rapace (Bond: Skyfall), Linda Molin, Leigh Scully, Lillie Claire and Haddy Jallow. Release date: Fall 2015.

The Dream Prince (fantasy)
Norwegian-American-Spanish feature film, based on the Mare series of fantasy books by Norwegian author Ruben Eliassen. The books are about a young boy and his adventures at a circus. The film will be based on the three novels Circus, The Key, and Apocalypse. Spanish director Fernando Cortizo is attached to direct the film, which is planned to be a stereoscopic stop-motion production. Producers are Marius Haugan and Daniel Dreifuss for Filmed Imagination in Los Angeles, and Isabel Rey of Artefacto Producciones in Spain. The film has been in development since 2011. Release date: TBA.

LFO (sci-fi, drama)
Swedish low budget feature about a lonely man who, after having lost his family, builds a machine that can hypnotize people with the help of sound. He begins to experiment with his neighbors where the abuse of power and his own needs takes over. In the absence of his own family, he gets his neighbors to act as his family. At the same time he has an internal struggle with himself and his conscience, where the question is how far he is willing to go. An urge to change the world slowly emerges when he realizes what a unique tool he possesses. Starring Patrik Karlson, Izabella Jo Tschig, Per Löfberg, Ahnna Rasch. Written and directed by Antonio Tublén. Release date: October 28, 2014.

Outpost Wild (fantasy, horror)
Outpost Wild is a series of Norwegian fantasy-horror short films inspired by Nordic tales and folklore. Written and directed by Erik Nogva. This is part 2 in the series, part 1 will be released alongside with part 2. A long, long time ago, The Ashlad (Askeladden), with the help of the organization F.R.E.I.A., took up the fight against a world filled with Scandinavian folklore creatures. Several hundred years later the remaining folklore creatures are held against their will in a vast forest far beyond the common man’s reach. To be distributed to various festivals, then released online. Starring Magnus Kjørrefjord, Johanne Fossheim, Kim J. Olsen, Sofie T. Johansen Jahateh, Lisa Uhlén, Magne Skjævesland, Harald Breievne. To be filmed in September. Release date: December 2014.

UFO (sci-fi)
A 28 minute Swedish science fiction short  dealing with culture clashes, intolerance and justice. We get to follow three aliens who get stranded on Earth on their way to an intergalaxial space conference. During their struggle to get their crashed ship back on track they encounter humans, which proves not being as simple as one might think. Volunteer work valued at 300.000 euros has been put into the movie. Written by Martin Sjögren, Peter Holmgren, Erik Andersson. Directed by Martin Sjögren. Release date: 2015.

Occupied (sci-fi, thriller)
Norwegian 10-part TV series based on a story by crime writer Jo Nesbø (Headhunters). The political thriller is set in the near future, after an environmetnal disaster and before an election. Russia has occupied Norway and its oil fortune, but the occupation starts an underground movement to throw the enemy out. The 9.8 million euro production stars Henrik Mestad (Lilyhammer), Ane Dahl Torp (Dead Snow), Eldar Skar (Mammon), Vegar Hoel (Dead Snow 2). Directed by Erik Skjoldbjærg (Insomnia) alongside Pål Sletaune, Erik Richter Strand and John Andreas Andersen from a script by Karianne Lund, based on a story by Jo Nesbø. The shooting takes place between April and November this year. Release date: TBA.

The thieves’ Christmas: The wizard’s daughter (fantasy, family)
Swedish movie based on Swedish Television’s Christmas count-down series The Thieves’ Christmas from 2011. This standalone feature follows the orphan Charlie who now has a family with Gerda and Kurre. But when Gerda gets a child of her own, Charlie’s happiness feels threatened. A fair is in town and the family visits it, and Charlie meets a wizard who shows her the tricks to a new world, but the wizards holds darker secrets up his sleeve. Starring Tea Stjärne, Gustaf Hammarsten, Elisabet Carlsson, Gustaf Skarsgård. Directed by Stefan Roos and Per Simonsson. Release date: November 14th, 2014.

Iron Sky 2: The coming race (sci-fi, comedy)
The Finnish producer-director team of Iron Sky continues the international sci-fi comedy success with an even-more-insane story, topped with an omnious tagline: “From the ashes of mankind, a new breed of superiority shall arise.” To be shot in 2015. Release date: 2016.

Iron Sky 3 (sci-fi, comedy)
Very little is known about this Finnish project, but it has been mentioned as actually being planned by the production team. Release date: TBA.

Iron Sky: Houston, we have a problem (sci-fi, comedy)
A multi-season TV or web series prequel for the Finnish Iron Sky franchise, from the creative team behind the original film. The TV series explores – through the lense of dark political satire, comedy and great action – the “true events” of the Cold War and finding real answers to the UFO sightings and many other unsolved mysteries of the past. Release date: TBA.

Gatekeeper (sci-fi)
This Swedish fan-film has started shooting, and is planned to be a 120 minute “non-commercial” movie where Star Trek and Star Wars meet in the same universe. Gatekeeper: A meeting of giants is a MTC production (Multi Talent Co-operation) where actual Star Trek and Star Wars actors perform side by side with other professional artists and talented amateurs. The film is set in the year 2889, where a stationary nexus creates a rift in time and space which enables total chaos in the Alpha quadrant. Led by Elisabeth Janeway, a team of genetically engineered aliens is ordered to protect the Nexus and re-establish order in the quadrant. The director is Thomas Dahl, a Norwegian matte painter and graphic artist. The final movie will be distributed all over the world on DVD and the internet, free of charge. Release date: TBA.


Mermaid (fantasy, adventure)
Family fantasy film from Finland. Dina, a mermaid, lives in an underwater world. On her 17th birthday she is captured by an evil witch, Storm. The witch wants to use Dina for luring sailors to Lighthouse Island. When one of the sailing boats shipwrecks, Dina saves a young sailor Peter from the water and feels something she has never felt before; love. When she rises above water to be with Peter she discovers, to her surprise, that she has legs instead of a tail. It turns out that she used to be a girl, living with her father, a fisherman, in a village. Her father has made a pact with the King of the Seas – to save the village from hunger he has sacrificed his daughter. Dina wants to stay above ground but is at risk of breaking the pact and the future of the village. The only ones she can ask for help are a couple of tiny fairies, a few misbehaving trolls and some shy elves, her magical friends. Release date: TBA.

Sound and fury (fantasy, drama)
Currently in development in Sweden, Sound and fury is a modern interpretation of Shakespeare’s work, set in an alternative, paralell world. To be produced by Yellow Bird (Wallander). Release date: TBA.

Molly Monster (fantasy)
Swedish animated feature for small children. Molly is a little monster who lives with her family in Monsterland, a colourful volcano landscape somewhere beyond the Lava Mountains. All told she is a normal monster child except that her parents exasperation her attitude isn’t that monstrous at all. Directed by Mattias Bruhn, Ted Sieger, Michael Ekblad. Release date: 2015.

Månulvarna (fantasy)
Swedish animated feature film for children. Among many strange and wonderful creatures in the forest, there is a special kind of being called Moonwolves. They like everything that shines and reflects, but most of all they like the Moon, which they gaze at every night. One night, the moonwolves’ longing become so strong that they decide to travel to the Moon. Based on Malin Ahlin’s debut book Månulvarna from 2013. Written by Ahlin and Hans-Åke Gabrielsson. Directed by Nima Yousefi. Release date: Spring 2015.

Doctor Proctor’s timetub (fantasy, comedy)
Norwegian sequel to the successful Doctor Proctor’s Fart Powder, based on Jo Nesbø’s children’s novel. In the next film, the love sick Doctor Proctor has travelled back in time in an attempt to change the history. He wants to stop the wedding of his beloved Juliette and the terrible Claude Cliché, but the doc gets caught in time. Lise and Bulle, the doctor’s partners and neighbours, must once again help by travelling in the time bathtub to help their friend. With Kristoffer Joner, Emily Glaister, Eilif Hellum Noraker. To be directed by Arild Fröhlich. Release date: TBA.

Sofia Flux (sci-fi, drama)
NRK’s flagship TV series for autumn 2014 for Norwegian children. 8 year old Oben likes to tell lies, but not about important things. One day she and he friend Albert is given a magic hearing aid by an old lady called Sofia Flux. When they put it on, they can hear other people’s thoughts. Is it good to know what other people are thinking? Is it always good to tell the truth? What are lies, and was is the truth? Release date: October 2014.

Wild witch (fantasy)
Children’s fantasy movie based on Lene Kaaberbøl’s books. 12 year old Clara finds herself in a life-changing situation when she finds out that she has magical powers. Her family belongs to an old line of “wild witches”, a type of witch with a special connection to nature and animals. Clara must use all her powers when the fallen wild witch Kimera tries to destroy her. In development by Yellow Bird (Millennium) in Sweden. Release date: TBA.

Dream Triptych (fantasy, drama)
Swedish animated short film for adults. In a sculptural twilight existance, which are director Åsa Ersmark’s own nightmares and hallucinations from her childhood, a witch is abusing a girl from the age four into puberty. The girl is transported from the nightmare to reality, close to the border of death. Release date: 2015.

Dream Triptych

The shamer’s daughter (fantasy, drama)
Danish big budget feature based on Lene Kaaberbøl’s best selling teen novel. The Shamer’s daughter, Dina, has unwillingly inherited her mother’s supernatural ability. She can look straight into the soul of other people, making them feel ashamed of themselves. When the sole heir to the throne is wrongfully accused of the horrible murders of his family, Dina’s mother is lured to Dunark under false pretenses to make him confess. Neglecting to use her ability for the wrong purposes, she is taken prisoner. It is now up to Dina to uncover the truth of the murders, but soon she finds herself whirled into a dangerous power struggle with her own life at risk. The film, which is set in a semi-realistic medieval fantasy world with dragons and witchcraft, started shooting in March. Starring Peter Plaugborg, Jakob Oftebro, Søren Malling, Stina Ekblad, Maria Bonnevie, Allan Hyde. Directed by Kenneth Kainz on a budget of about 6.7 million euros. Release date: Spring 2015.

The boy with the golden pants (fantasy, family)
Swedish big budget feature about the boy Mats, who stumbles upon a pair of pants containing an unlimited amount of money. Now he can buy everything he ever wanted, not knowing that powerful forces are tracking him down. Based on the 1967 Swedish bestseller by Max Lundgren. It was previously adapted in 1975 as a popular TV series, starring Harald Hamrell (director of several Beck movies) as Mats. Starring Annika Hallin, Shanti Roney, Kola Krauze, Lukas Holgersson. Directed by Ella Lemhagen on a budget of 3.1 million euros. Release date: September 26th, 2014.

Nymphs – the movieNymphs_poster (fantasy)
The 12-part Finnish TV series Nymphs, created by Miikko Oikkonen, is an original and acclaimed primetime fantasy drama series that draws its origin from the stories, characters and visual imagery of ancient mythology. The first season of the fantasy drama series Nymphs was completed in 2013 and sold to more than 50 countries worldwide. In the sequel, a 100 minute feature, Desirée Tasson (16) has sex with her boyfriend for the first time. The boy dies. Cathy Ordana and Nadia Rapaccini reveal to Desirée that she is a nymph. Desirée has to burn all evidence of her past and leave her family and friends behind. Things don’t get any easier when Desirée falls passionately in love with an ordinary mortal, Samuel Fall, while the master of satyrs, Erik Mann, insists that this new redhead nymph is his property. In development, to be shot in 2015. Release date: TBA.

Replacements (sci-fi, drama)
Finnish TV series in development. An emotion-packed hospital drama that asks a bold question: How far are you ready to go to save your loved one? A car accident changes nurse Sofia’s life. She recognizes the victim, Henri. But her father Hannu, the manager of the hospital, doesn’t let her get involved in Henri’s care and treatment. Sofia and Henri fall in love against her father’s wishes. When the secrets behind the hospital walls start to unfold, it’s certain that Sofia’s and Henri’s love affair is doomed: Henri isn’t human. He is a clone. And Sofia needs a clone cells for her own treatments. 12 x 44 minute episodes written by Miikko Oikkonen, Paula Mononen, Sanna Reinumägi, Antti Pesonen. Created by Miikko Oikkonen. Principal shooting in Autumn 2014. Release date: TBA.

Night of the witch (fantasy, thriller)
From the creators of The Toxic Avenger and Iron Sky! Troma and the Finnish studio Blind Spot, as well as Roger Pictures, has teamed up to produce Night of the witch, which starts in 18th century Salem where a young woman is accused of being a witch and condemned to death. On the night of her sentencing she is burned alive, and a witch promises to revenge her death through generations. Two hundred years later, Professor John Ward, a young teacher of witchcraft and the occult, returns to his hometown Salem. The midsummer celebration at the local country club becomes the stage of two strange murders and soon after, more odd murders take place. The Night of the Witch has begun! To be directed by Marko Mäkilaakso, who also wrote the film with Lloyd Kaufman. A new screenplay is currently being written. Release date: TBA.

Number 13 (fantasy, horror, thriller)
An English-language, Finnish werewolf inversion from the director of Sauna and Jade Warrior, and the writer of Splice. Tagline: “A disease called humanity.” Having been in development in Finland for some years, Number 13 (previously called Human) has been taken under the wings of Iron Sky producer Tero Kaukomaa. The concept of the movie revolves around what would happen if a human bit a wolf. Scientists are researching wolves in Canada, when one of them is attacked by a wolf. She bites back, trying to protect herself. The same night, a naked and blood-soaked man enters the camp together with a pack of agressive wolves. -With [this movie] I expect to do totally different kind of werewolf film, so don’t expect anything familiar to this sub-genre, Annila said. The movie, with Canadian and German support, is scheduled to begin filming this year. Release date: TBA.

skumringslandet teaser

The Veil of Twilight / Skumringslandet (thriller, fantasy)
Having been in the making since 2009, this Norwegian 900.000 dollar “almost Viking” mystery movie with the tagline “who said trolls were only in fairytales?” is about mysterious killings taking place outside a mountain village in the mid 1300s. Vilhelm returns to Norway to find his brother, Ansgar, whom has disappeared after being accused of a number of murders. The grotesque killing of townspeople is putting fear in everyone. Rumor has it that Ansgar is in lead with trolls and demons of the underworld. Vilhelm doesn’t believe in trolls and devils, and starts an investigation. Starring Leif Nygaard, Sverre Anker Ousdal, Ewen Bremner, Kim Bodnia, Jørgen Langhelle, Lisa Werlinder, Nils Utsi, Andreas Wilson. Directed by Paul Magnus Lundø. Release date: October 10th, 2014.

Body Hackers (sci-fi)
Swedish science fiction feature. The film (whose original title is Bieffekterna) is about three students who makes a scientific discovery that forever will change their lives. Subtextually, the film is about ambition, love and finding oneself. Written and directed by Andreas Climent and André Hedetoft, who previously made short films together. In 2013 they were selected to participate in a special regional film development programme, in which Body Hackers was included as a project. Influences range from David Fincher and Darren Aronofsky to Christopher Nolan. The film stars Rafael Pettersson, Rikard Björk, Emelia Hansson and Sandra Redlaff, known from the original The Bridge and the Wallander and Beck series. The film is shot in Lund, Malmö and Vellinge i August 2014. Release date: 2015.

Orestes (fantasy, adventure)
A Swedish feature film written and directed by Daniel Satari; a fairytale made of folktales, legends, shamanism and truths, starring giants, elves, trolls, forest spirits and wolves in the Swedish forests. Four siblings are captured by trolls, and must save eachother in a mysterious world. The first Swedish movie with traditional legendary creatures have topics such as unconditional love, free choice and how greed prevents us from a wholesome life. With Charlotte Svärd, Oscar Olmats, Rebecka Enholm, Gustaf Albihn, Alexandra Alegren, Stefan Löfstedt, Kerstin Sjöberg. Currently in development. Release date: TBA.

Untitled movie (fantasy, drama)
A Norwegian movie based on the poem Haugtussa by Arne Gargborg (1851 – 1924). The script is currently being written and is a drama with fantasy elements such as trolls, subterranean beings and hulders. Release date: TBA.

Antboy 2 (sci-fi, drama)
In Denmark, Ask Hasselbalch directs the sequel to his 2013 original film, a children’s superhero movie made movie for the tween generation. In Antboy 2, the young superhero turns 13 but his friend, who also happens to be the girl of his dreams, is not in love with him yet. Things worsen when a new kid arrives at school and turns out to be a mischievous rival. Based on the comic books of Kenneth Bøgh Andersen. Release date: December 25, 2014.


The Tunnel (sci-fi)
Troll Hunter director André Øvredal’s sci-fi short The Tunnel is one of the most complex special effects movie ever made in Norway. Based on the short story The Tunnel Ahead written by Alice Glaser in 1961, the story takes place in a future with extreme overpopulation, and with people living in megacities. One way to cure the problem is to let the gates of tunnels leading into the cities close at random moments, and everyone who are inside them will be killed. The 443.000 dollar movie is written by André Øvredal and has been on temporary hiatus “because of the vast amounts of special effects”, although now it is being worked on again. Distribution is not decided yet, but the film will possibly be shown at festivals, including Grimstad and Sundance. Starring Kyrre Haugen Sydness and Siri Helene Müller. Release date: Winter 2014/2015.

Brothers Lionheart (fantasy)
Swedish fantasy film based on the 1973 Astrid Lindgren book. While they say it’s not a remake of the beloved 1977 film but a new adaption, the story will have to be the same; a pair of brothers who have both died, meet up in an afterlife world known as Nangijala. To be directed by Tomas Alfredson of Let the right one in fame on the biggest budget yet for a Nordic movie, around 32 million euros. Release date: 2016.

concept art

What the dragon wrote (sci-fi)
Norwegian 15 minute short film, to be directed by Iain Forbes. A dystopic science fiction tale about Isak, who is dying from a mysterious disease. He decides to find Ester, a former girlfriend who disappeared without notice. The film follows Isak’s journey into Ester’s world, on an island. Led by a mysterious stranger, Isak arrives to settle the score about his past. But once they meet face to face, will Isak and Ester ever understand eachother again? Release date: TBA.

Huldra: Lady of the forest (fantasy, thriller)
Huldra is a Swedish psychological fantasy thriller set in the forests of Northern Sweden, and tells the story of Nanna. When her life crashes she receives a phone call; Martin wants her to join him for a hike in the wilderness together with some of their mutual childhood friends. The group sets off on an adventure unaware of the fact that once they reach their destination nothing will ever be the same again. Mysterious events start to unsettle the dynamics of the group. The titular hulder is a female forest spirit embodied in a beautiful woman, who in this case needs a new companion human. Release date: TBA.


Capsulae 1.250.000 (sci-fi)
Directed in Sweden by Miko Lazic. The English-language film is set in the not so distant future, where a father walks his daughter to school when a meteor storm pounds Earth, prompting escape capsules to be launched in order to save mankind from extinction. “Two persons per capsule” is the strict order. The father and daughter head for the safety of Capsulae no. 1.250.000. Upon boarding, the girl is shoved aside by a man in panic. The door slams shut leaving the daughter on the doomed Earth as her devastated father and the other man take off towards safety. In development. Release date: TBA.

Thale 2 (fantasy)
Sequel to the successful 2012 indie Thale. The story has not been revealed yet, but the budget will be bigger and the film will be shot in English for an international audience. The story will however be an extension of the first film, with some characters returning. -The budget for special effects will be bigger, but we’ll impose some limits on ourselves. It will not be a typical special effects movie, the producer said in 2013. The director of the first film, Aleksander Nordaas, will direct again. Release date: TBA.

Ingen manns land (sci-fi)
Norwegian low budget feature (the title means No Mans Land) set in the near future in a post-apocalyptic world. Robert saves a girl, Sara, from assault and abuse, and realize he’s now responsible for a life other than his own. Together they try to survive while looking for Robert’s girlfriend. Half of the 45.000 euro movie has been filmed and production is ongoing this autumn. Written and directed by Jørgen Rusten Nanbjør. Release date: Summer 2015.

Shooting ghost (adventure, fantasy)
A Swedish children’s action/adventure feature with scary fantasy elements. During Halloween, an aspiring young filmmaker gathers his friends to shoot a low budget horror movie, but finds himself encountering real ghosts and possessed actors. The $1 million movie is written by Tomas Amlöv and Lars Norberg and has been conceptualized but is currently not in active development.

Outgrowth (fantasy, adventure)
A Swedish supernatural action/adventure thriller about Nordic mythology researcher Edvin who finds old rune symbols that has been hidden for a thousand years. The symbols lead him in a direction where he is forced to fight the undead in order to expose the truth about a secret society that is in direct contact with the Nordic gods. A mix between psychological action oriented films like Bourne Identity and thrillers such as The DaVinci Code. The $3 million movie is written by Tomas Amlöv, J. Pingo Lindström, Lars Norberg and has been conceptualized but is currently not in active development.


Spam (sci-fi, action)
A Swedish $500.000 movie, set in the submarine sub genre of war movies. A hacked underwater drone, with capability to wipe out computer technology on enemy ships, constitutes a clear and present danger to the strategic nuclear submarine USS Delaware. Research scientist Alice is called in to upgrade the defense system onboard with the latest technology; biotechnical software, implemented not only in the ships infrastructure, but in the crew members onboard as well, making them partly transhuman. However, Alice soon finds herself in middle of the action when a computer virus – programmed to wipe out mankind – infects the ship. Currently in development from director-producer Tomas Amlöv, written by Tomas Amlöv, Lars Norberg, Johannes Pinter.

APP’d (fantasy, sci-fi)
A Swedish high concept fantasy adventure story for the entire family. A boy finds an app in his phone that gives him the power of mind control. However, it’s one thing to control what people think and do, and quite another to control what they actually want! Written by Lars Norberg. The movie has been conceptualized but is currently not in active development.

Voodoo Cowboys (fantasy, adventure)
A Swedish family action/adventure story in which a voodoo curse, released by accident, brings forth the spirits of the old western heroes – and starts a adventures treasure hunt to find the buried gold mentioned in an old legend. The English-language film, which has been written by Tomas Amlöv, Lars Norberg, Jonas Bylund, has an estimated budget of 3 million dollars but is currently being offered to producers, and is not in active development.

Erik and the Gods (fantasy)
Danish feature film based on the four-volume novel Erik, son of man by author Lars-Henrik Olsen. The teenage boy Erik travels through Norse mythology and face war between two families of gods that will end the world. The film tells a story of a perpetuation of war, of intolerance and arrogance, and of innocents caught up in the tidal waves of politics. Currently in production is a two minute teaser, which is planned to lead to a 35 minute prologue film, which in turn will lead to a feature film. To be directed by Edith Tvede Byg-Fabritius. Release date: TBA.

The great triumphs (sci-fi)
Danish short film written and directed by Iben Ravn, based on the poem I Trionfi by Francesco Petrarca. The plot of the 12 minute film simply reads “Love > Chastity > Death > Fame > Time > Eternity”. Starring Linnea Magnolia Sennec, Andrea Albrecht Mogensen, Asger Boelskifte. In post-production. Release date: October 2014.

Hogwarts: The truth about Potter (fantasy)
Danish web series created by two 16 year olds, Oliver Rimmer (director, writer, producer) and Joachim Meinert (producer). The English-language series is about a boy aged 11. He is a huge fan of Harry Potter. His biggest whish is to become Harry Potter. The day he turns 12 a magical lock opens inside him, and suddenly he realizes that he IS Harry Potter in a real and adventurous world. Release date: October 2014.

Tidsrejsen (sci-fi)
A Danish “Christmas countdown” TV series for the family. The series is about 13 year old Sofie, whose biggest whish is that her divorced parents will get together again, so they can celebrate Christmas as a family. She is given the possibility to travel back to her parents’ youth with a time machine, but this does not work out and creates a lot of problems which she has to timetravel to fix. In the year 2044 she meets future boy Dixie, which she teams up with in order to fight a group of secret agents whose job is to prevent time travel. Starring Bebiane Ivalo Kreutzmann, Hannibal Harboe, Rolf Hansen, Patricia Schumann, Lars Knutzon. Created by Poul Berg. Release date: December 1, 2014.

12 thoughts on “68 upcoming sci-fi & fantasy movies

  1. Dear Mr. Editor. You seem to have overlooked the following additions to the Danish output of scifi and fantasy 2014 to 16

    Tidsrejsen (TV Series) not yet released
    The Great Triumphs (12 min Short Film) Release: Oct. 2014
    The Incredible Machine (scifi TV Movie) Danish-Dutch production, 80 mins. Released: Feb. 2014
    Inmate 48 (Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Thriller) Short Film 25 mins. Released: 2014
    Tunguska Diaries (Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller) Short 3 mins. Released: 2014
    Momentum (Scifi, time travel) Short, 16 min. Released: 2014
    The Lego Movie (Animation) Feature. Australia/USA/Denmark. Released: Feb. 2014
    Song of the sea (Animation, fantasy, family) Ireland/Denmark/Belgium/Luxembourg/France-collaboration. Released: Feb. 2015
    Echoes of a Ronin (Action, Drama) Short 20 min. Released April 2014
    Between the Gods (Action, Fantasy) Short 36 min. Released: January 2016
    Outside the season (Adventure, Fantasy) short. Released: June 2014
    Neka (Adventure, Animation) short, 4 min. Release: april 2014
    Tantalus (Fantasy) Short 14 min. Release: Feb. 2014
    Hogwarts: The Truth About Potter (TV-series) Release: Oct. 2014

    • Hi Kenneth,
      Thanks for your additions! The original list was not necessarily complete (a complete list would be impossible to make) and I will gladly add some of the titles from your list to mine. Note that the article ONLY refers to UPCOMING movies, not the ones already released earlier in 2014. And, some projects that are partially funded by Danish producers but is primarily a foreign production (director, writer, cast is not Danish) will not be included in my update. A movie has to be “primarily Scandinavian/Nordic” to qualify for this website 🙂

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  3. Some more upcoming Swedish movies:

    The Zombie movie, Zon 261 is currently in post-production and is expected to premiere on January 1st, 2015.

    Inferior 1088 is a dark Viking drama from the looks of it. Shooting will commence in January 2015 according to the official Facebook page.

    And of course we still have the Internet sensation Kung Fury on the horizon.

    • Hi,
      Zon261 has already been mentioned elsewhere on this site, and will be mentioned again in an upcoming article. And of course its own article too, when that time comes. Kung Fury looks fun, I will have to look into it more!

    • Hi, thanks for your link but Inferiour 1088 was not classified as “fantasy” enough. Not judging from the info I found about the movie (Fb and website) anyway. The film will be written about at http://www.VikingMovies.info soon, but if the director could contact me and verify any fantasy content in the film, I’ll be happy to include the film on this website.

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  5. Thank you for including They Rest in the North on the list. I’m the director of the film and stumbled upon this post just now. The movie was recently released online and can be seen here, if you’re interested; https://youtu.be/t4O-YTNW5P8

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