Real Humans S2 preview

Season two of the Swedish science fiction TV series Real Humans starts on December 1st, which is twice the treat; not only is it a rarity that Scandinavian TV networks offer sci-fi drama, but a second season is previously unheard of.


The first season of Real Humans (original title: Äkta Människor) premiered in January 2012 on SVT, Sweden’s public broadcaster. Developing and airing the series was an experiment, as homegrown science fiction for the masses is not something audiences demand in Sweden. Unlike USA where your problem is to choose which series to follow, in Sweden (and the rest of Scandinavia) your problem is to find TV science fiction, period. Certain bosses must therefore have breathed more calmly when the series proved to be a success, not only in Sweden but also abroad, having been sold to over 50 countries so far, including the UK, Australia, France, Germany, and South Korea.

Season one was reviewed positively in foreign media. Charlie Jane Anders of Io9 called the series “startlingly beautfiful, disturbing and creepy as hell”. The Australian judged it “the best science fiction to hit the small screen in a long time”, and Joe Hubris said it was “the best android story – and some of the best science fiction, period – to grace any screen, small, silver or other, since Blade Runner.”

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Real Humans season two is a miniseries set in an alternate present day where consumer level hubots – human robots – are common. The series deals with the emotional effects on two families, and the activities of a group of robots which have developed free will and demand freedom from human ownership. The new season starts more or less where the first season finished, and is supposedly darker and more dangerous than the first season; some time has passed and the distinction between humans and machines are greying out. A computer virus is spreading, making the hubots uncontrollable and dangerous for their surroundings. The public is encouraged to test their hubots, and not download updates from dubious sources on the internet. The virus is a threat that will have severe consequences for the characters.

Real Humans season 2 teaser:

-It is quite complicated to play a hubot. Ther are many nuances to think about all the time. You can’t make it [too robotic] and not [too human either], but a mix of those things. So you have to peel off layers quite a lot, says Lisette Pagler to SVT, who plays the hubot Mimi. Marie Robertson, Bea in the movie, adds: -While acting often is about being natural and relaxed, in this role you have to do the opposite and be concious about every move. And you do everything separately [in a specific order].

Many of the actors from the first season return on December 1, but some new faces will also be seen.The cast includes Johan Paulsen, Anki Larsson, Louise Peterhoff, Peter Viitanen, Happy Jankell, Nanna Blondell, Shebly Niavaraní, Kjell Wilhelmsen, Sten Elfström, Natalie Minnevik, Thomas W. Gabrielsson, André Sjöberg, Ellen Mattsson Jelinek and Måns Nathanaelson. Real Humans is created by writer Lars Lundström. Alex Haridi has co-written season two with Lundström. Harald Hamrell directs episodes 1 – 4, Kristina Humle episodes 5 – 7 and Christian Eklöw episodes 8 – 10.

Real Humans season 2 trailer:

The 10 x 60 minute Real Humans season two premieres on SVT on December 1st.

17 thoughts on “Real Humans S2 preview

    • Hi,
      As far as I know a third season has not been confirmed, but judging from the ending of season two and some loose rumours, there might be a season three.

      • Yes, indeed–the ending of season 2, certainly begs for another season. I guess all we can do is hope for the best! Thanks for your reply!

    • We’re waiting for information on that. Swedish Television has not announced the disc release yet, neither have they announced a third season.

      • Ok thank you.I havent seen this second season yet im waiting on the dvd.SBS in Australia released the first season so hopefully it wont be long for the second.Amazon france have got preorders but no english subtitles.Cant wait to see this second season.

  1. I just finished rewatching series 1 on SBS. I enjoyed it just as much on the second viewing. I’m now really looking forward to the 2nd series. It’s so well done. I think an English remake is redundant. Maybe just a dubbed version may broaden its appeal. I really like the minimalist style it uses, which emphasises the concepts and excellent acting. These are what carry it. Hollywood take note. I’m also a big fan of the themes. Because of that, I rate this series up there alongside Bladerunner and Ghost in the Shell. I’ll definately be buying the DVD’s.

  2. I’ve just discovered this brilliant series and truly hope there is a 3rd season. I dread the thought of what the Americans are going to do to this. The subtle nature of what has been done here is not something American television is known for. There are exceptions but none that I can think of in terms of science fiction.

  3. Waiting for this series two to be available in the UK on DVD with English subtitles (hopefully without regional restrictions). Even although the English “Humans” series 2 has just ended on UK television I really look forward to the Swedish version Akta Manniskor

    • I’ve just spent a while searching for Series 2 on dvd, with no success. Can anyone point me to what I may have missed? I’d rather like the first series on disc also.

      Massively impressed with series 1 (which came by way by ‘unusual means’) and really not interested at all in the US?UK remake.

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