The art of Aniara

The hard science fiction feature Aniara is a rare opportunity to see the future as it was envisioned in the 1950s. Rare in the sense that never before has a science fiction poem from Sweden been filmed. Here’s a gallery of alternate posters tested by the designers at Magnolia.

Aniara adapts the 1956 poem by Harry Martinsson in which the titular space ship is one of many used for transporting Earth’s fleeing population to their new home planet Mars. Just as the ship leaves the destroyed Earth, she collides with space junk and is thrown off her course. The passengers slowly realize that they’ll never be able to return. Apart from having unusual source material, the relatively low budgeted film is notable for its 18 year rating in France due to explicit nudity – and what is possibly the first sex orgy in space in a mainstream film!

Alternate poster comps by Magnolia Pictures.

The film is currently in selected American theatres and also starting to be available in its home country Sweden digitally, on Viaplay.

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