The Rain 2 preview

Netflix, the global VOD giant, releases The Rain 2 tomorrow. The second season of the Danish post-apocalyptic drama series actually started pre-production before it was commissioned by the distributor.

The first season of the first ever original Danish series commissioned by the giant streamer premiered almost exactly a year ago. Tomorrow the second season will be released to Netflix’ 149 million subscribers, thanks to forward-looking producers. Production of season 2 officially started on August 17, 2018, although the planning had begun before season one premiered. -Netflix greenlit season 2 one month after premiering season 1, but we had started developing it half a year before the launch of season 1, otherwise we would not have had time to turn it around within 12 months. It’s been a wonderful experience. [Netflix] understood exactly the whole concept, the story, and instead of making the show on a low budget – which would have been the case for a young adult series produced in Scandinavia – we were able to do it on a healthy budget, Miso Film co-founder and managing director Jonas Allen noted.

Miso Film managing director Peter Bose added: -After season one, we also learnt how to work even better on the second season. We knew what Netflix wanted, and they knew what we could deliver and how we would do it. [Key executives at Netflix moved from the US to Amsterdam, so] we didn’t have the time difference anymore and the fact that Kelly and her team came and visited us to discuss the screenplay and other creative aspects made things easier.

The teen series follows a group of young survivors on the run in a world where half the population was killed by a virus carried by the rain. Season 2 will revolve around what happens after the reveal that Rasmus is immune to the virus. Still, he is a carrier so being near him endangers everyone. Rasmus’ genes hold the key to a cure but to isolate the compounds of a cure he would have to die. How this will unfold in the sequel season remains to be seen.

Season 1 was well received by critics, less so by fans judging from film community comments, although fans on Twitter were positive. The first season currently holds a rating of 63% on IMDB. However, Netflix is spending a lot of money trying to expand in European territories, and commissioning local drama is one of their key strategies. The Rain is filmed on location in Sweden and Denmark, with Netflix collaborating financially with Scandinavian production company Miso Film for development and production of the series.

The 8 x 45 minutes series reunites Alba August, Lucas Lyngaard Tonnessen, Mikkel Boe Følsgaard, Sonny Lindberg, Lukas Løkken and Jessica Dinnage, in other words most of the cast from the original season.

Complete scene:

Behind the scenes peak:

Season two trailer:

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