Shops that carry Nordic movies

If you have managed to acquire a taste for Nordic movies and live outside the region, getting them on DVD or BluRay can be a challenge. Here Nordic Fantasy has listed a number of online shops that might help you.

While not all online retailers located in the Nordic countries ship worldwide, why not hook up with friends that could help you. Most Scandinavians are friendly and willing to help 🙂

Shops marked with a * do ship worldwide. Unless otherwise mentioned, the listed retailers are general-purpose retailers.

Sweden (cult specialist) * (cult specialist) *


Denmark *

Norway *

Iceland * *

This list is not complete (other shops do exist and this is a random selection) and no shop listed here is recommended by Nordic Fantasy over others.

Please be aware that releases made in the Nordic region may not have English subtitles (and rarely English dubbing) so do check for that before you place an order. In case Nordic movies have been released internationally, virtually always with English subtitles (and sometimes with other languages as well), you may find them at these megashops:

7 thoughts on “Shops that carry Nordic movies

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  2. There’s a cdon for Denmark as well: CDON.DK

    ABSURD-ONLINE.DK is run by one of the two AWE mainmen so they always carry all AWE releases.

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