Dead Bait preview

Dead Bait, a short film deadbait-teaserposterabout voyeurism and naked skin, is the next project from the director of Hypnagogia and The thrill of a kill.

Filmed on a budget of a few hundred euros, director Lars-Erik Lie initiated Dead Bait as a summer project to avoid spending the long Norwegian summer days on the sofa. A microbudget sleazy rape-revenge exploitation short with elements of dark comedy and zombie mythology took shape, and with a small cast and crew, the shooting was completed in just one day, as planned. The film is a Violence Productions / 3F co-production.

The story is about Lisa, played by Emy, who is “fried alive” by the boiling sun. She is struck with fever and out of water. A sportsfisherman spies on her while she takes a swim in a soothing lake. Dead Bait is said to be so gruesome it might not be allowed on YouTube. In fact, the director caused the controversy of the year in a horror film discussion group on Facebook, as members filed a complaint about the rape-revenge story, which was promoted with a picture of a naked lady. The debate led to Lie feeling forced to leave the group, while another member was thrown out as he defended Lie’s right to discuss and promote his film. All this without any footage or any story stills being released from the film.


First promo pic.

Promoted as “sleazy” with plenty of “skin and nudity”, according to the Facebook page, the exploitation horror short is described by the director as “the most hardcore stuff I’ve made” – which sounds promising, since the director gave us very graphic in-camera penis chopping in his feature film, The thrill of a kill (2011). -Nothing is held back in this one. It’s sleazy and at times voyeurish, and also has dark… black humor. And it does not skimp on blood and guts either. It’s no doubt the most extreme movie we have made so far, Lie said. Fortunately, that did not deter the lead actress, Emy. -I thought this movie would be fun to make. I’m  a model and actress, and there will always be some who disapproves, she said when asked about her decision to play in the notorious film.


Behind the scenes.

Dead Bait, which originally was titled Mors (latin for for dead or diseased) will probably clock in at 10-15 minutes, and was shot in the forests of Trysil in Eastern Norway. It will be launched online in the autumn and possibly on disc.

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