Dead Snow prequel

Perhaps there will be adeadsnowcomicbookfront movie prequel or second sequel to Dead Snow, but if not, and in the mean time, you can enjoy the official Dead Snow comic book – right here and very free!

Vegard Hoel is not only an actor in Tommy Wirkola’s two Dead Snow movies, he also wrote the Dead Snow prequel comic book The Curse, which tells the story about what Herzog was doing before his skin started to rot. In the comic book, which is given away for free as an internet download, Hoel wanted to explain how the Nazi zombies became zombies without explaining it exactly.


Pens and inks were managed by Kurt Van Der Basch, who drawed the storyboard for Dead Snow 2. -I am not good enough at drawing the same character several times. I have tried, but it becomes a mix that looks very [off]. Kurt’s take on this was great, and I agreed to the way he used the panels, Hoel said to Dagbladet.

The Curse,deadsnowcomicsample3 which is available only in Norwegian, is a one-off but Hoel says he might be inclined to explore the comic book medium further. -Making a graphic novel…. They say that regular writers are just comic book artists who can’t draw, and that’s how I look at it, Hoel says.

Download the comic book PDF here.

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