Watch Hypnagogia for free

Last year, Norwegian horror/sleaze director Lars Erik Lie released the ghost-girl short film Hypnagogia. After having been sold as a stream, Lie now decided to let you watch the film for free.


With inspiration from Japanese ghost stories and Italian horror, the film is about a medical phenomenon called hypnagogia which, according to Wikipedia, is “the experience of the transitional state from wakefulness to sleep”. Starring Camilla Vestbø Losvik and Kim Ulvberget in the lead roles, and shot on a budget of 666 dollars, the story revolves around Johnny, a rapist and a serial killer who likes to photograph sexy girls.

The 27 minute film is influenced by films like The Ring and The Grudge, and is also influenced by directors like Dario Argento, Mario Bava and Lucio Fulci, something that can be seen in the use of colours and lights.

Watch the film right here – or preorder the BluRay disc by emailing to post [@]

One thought on “Watch Hypnagogia for free

  1. Thank you to Nordic Fantasy for talking about my film HYPNAGOGIA.

    Hope the audience will enjoy this little ghostgirl-microbudget horror from Norway! 🙂

    Best regards from the director of HYPNAGOGIA.

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