NFI supports two genre projects

The Norwegian film institute has granted money to two genre projects, which currently are in development. One is a ghost story for children, the other is a short film based on a sci-fi short story.

This month, Norsk Film Institutt (NFI), which is the Norwegian government’s support fund for films and TV, granted a total of 10 million crowns (about 1.8 million US dollars) to three TV series and two short films. A quarter of this went to the TV series Dauinger, slang for “dead people”, about ghost hunters and dead people, written by famous author Arne Berggren and intended for children aged 9 – 12. NFI’s Einar Egeland said that it was difficult to reach this age group with something new and original, and welcomed the project. The 8-part miniseries will be directed by Margret Bergheim and Arne Berggren from September 2011, and will air on government broadcaster NRK in 2012.

The second genre project to get partial funding from NFI is The Tunnel, which received 145.000 dollars. This short film is based on the sci-fi short story The Tunnel Ahead written by Alice Glaser in 1961. The story takes place in a time with extreme overpopulation, with people living in megacities. One way to cure the problem is to let the gates of tunnels leading into the cities close at random moments, and everyone who are inside them will be killed. The story follows a family of four on their way to and through the tunnel. The script is written by André Øvredal (director of smash hit The Troll Hunter) and was the winner of the Storyline competition in 2010. NFI’s Åse Meyer motivates the grant by saying the script is very relevant these days, and that the film is likely to be very thoughtful, disturbing and exciting. The film has a total budget of 443.000 dollars and is expected to premiere in November 2011.

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