Two Swedish DVDebuts in May

The Swedish horror film label Dark Entertainment is releasing two local movies this month; Död vid Ankomst and Syner, both with extensive bonus features.

Död vid Ankomst (meaning “dead on arrival”) is out now and is a brutal actionpacked thriller where David and his Maria are captured, tortured and left for dead. David survives and declares revenge will take place. Starring in the 15.000 dollar indie are Thomas Hedengran, Hanna Ekman, Christian Magdu, Annika Marklund, and Yohanna Idha.

Directed by Henric Brandt, the region 2 disc offers 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen video and stereo sound, with audio commentaries, featurettes, behind the scenes footage, visual FX reel, trailers, webdocs and a trailer show as extras. English subtitles are available. The 1h44m film was made in 2008 and makes it DVD debut on Dark Entertainment this month.

The second new release this month is Syner (meaning “visions”) directed by Nikolaj Marquez von Hage in 2009. The film won the Spektakulärt blog 2010 award for best Swedish horror, fantasy or sci-fi film. The director describes the movie as a long sequence of horror film elements on top of eachother, inspired by films such as The Moment of Silence och Silent Hill 2. The story is about three people who individually experience weird and scary things. The film runs for 76 minutes and the region 2 disc comes with audio commentary, original trailer, behind the scenes slideshow, interview with Daniel Takács, interview with Henric Brandt, We all go a little mad featurette and a Dark Entertainment trailer show. English subtitles are included as well.

Both films are produced by Branbomm Films and released by Dark Entertainment.

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