SFI supports horror shorts

The Swedish Film Institute has launched a new programme for creative horror shorts produced by established or fledgling film makers. Dubbed It’s Alive!, the programme will co-fund a maximum of five shorts in its first year. The deadline for applications is February 1, 2016.

SFI – the national film funding body in Sweden – will this year make sure that a total of 1.25 million SEK (around 146.000 USD / 134.000 EUR) of public money is spent on creative horror shorts. Four regional film investment bodies contribute to the funds, with the bigger portion coming from SFI. It is also expected that the creators put in at least 75.000 SEK of their own money, at least in the form of unpaid work. The aim of the programme is to promote “horror shorts that surprise, push the genre ahead and scare viewers”, and by extension educate film makers in the art of genre films. Producers from all over Sweden may apply for grants until February 1, 2016.


-We want to scared, and scared hard. And we want horror movies that reflect both current times and the future. Also, genre movies are traditionally [made by men] so we’d like to point out that we really expect women directors to apply, SFI’s short film advisor¬†Andreas Fock says.

Five movies will be funded in the programme, with four movies coming from the regions that provide local suppurt. The fifth movie could originate in any part of Sweden. SFI will channel all the funds to each movie, which can not last for more than five minutes. -Everyone we spoke to [in the film industry] agreed that there is a lack of interesting short films, and that we’d like to see more shorts. Now we’re killing two flies in one blow, Fock said.

The application form can be found here in the form of a production support application that goes to Andreas Fock at SFI.

The application must be sent in writing in two copies and must include the script, a synopsis, a project description or video pitch, a budget and financing plan, a distribution plan, a production schedule, the CV of key people and promotional material, moodboards or pilot scenes.

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