Operation Ragnarok on DVD soon

Last year’s Swedish monsters-on-the-loose feature film Operation Ragnarok hits DVD in about two weeks.

Formerly known as Zone 261, Fredrik Hiller’s Operation Ragnarok (Swedish title: Operation Ragnarök) was met with mostly bad reviews when it was released in theatres a few months ago, but was predicted by many reviewers to have cult potential and will see its home video reelase later this month.

A midsize city in southern Sweden is infected by a virus that turns people into monsters. In order to prevent the infection from spreading, the town is quarantined by the military. A small group of Swedish and immigrant non-infected persons take shelter in the old citadel. While the monsters approach, the old conflicts between the Swedish natives and the immigrants escalate to the point of no return. The two groups have to decide which the true monsters are: The infected on the outside – or the old enemies on the inside?

On March 27th, Njuta Films will release the extras-less DVD, but only in Sweden and subtitled in Swedish only. The film has been sold to Japan, Korea, China, Poland, Iceland and Thailand so hopefully further theatrical or video releases will happen soon. The film’s soundtrack is available on Amazon UK and Spotify.

According to the film’s own website, Operation Ragnarok “is an action drama about the ability to see through our hatred and fear of the unknown, and how we can achieve inner and outer peace by ceasing to create monsters out of our fellow men [and is] packed with action, chases, shoot-outs and explosions – as well as drama, romance, comic relief and colorful characters.” Read more in our main presentation of the film.

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