Watch Island of Lucifer online

Was there a real Satan cult on the Danish island Anholt? Find out in the dockumentary/mockumentary The Island Of Lucifer which can be watched online from Vimeo now.

Did you fail to get the limited edition DVD of The Island Of Lucifer (original title: Satankulten på Anholt)? Fear not, or rather, have fear when you watch the film online for a small fee. Written and directed by Jonas Bech and Kristian Ussing Andersen, the 2013 documentary was inspired by Bech finding a “satanic coin” placed near various churches by a group of satan worshippers. Apparently, a satanic cult had been formed on the remote desert island Anholt, midway between the Danish east coast and Sweden. The film follows the crew as they travel through Denmark, trying to find clues to the cult, experts, and ultimately the cult itself.

The Island of Lucifer won the Best International Documentary award at the Endeavours Documentary Film Festival in Singapore. The film was first released in December 2012 and later on DVD in Denmark. Last summer it was released online. Read our review here.

The online distribution of the film is done without the involvement of Nordic Fantasy but the source above is an official upload by the producers. If you prefer a DVD, it is still available from