Dead World preview

It’s a dead world when Ed Wood meets The walking dead in the first in a series of ultra-low budget splatter short films from the bowels of Western Norway.

Having been in production for years (since 2010, in fact) we first reported on Dead World in 2012. Now, after years in post-production, the first episode of a planned series is ready. Although the running time is only 23 minutes, the short film, which is considered a promo episode for a later series, will be released in an extensive and very limited 3 disc version by Underground Gorellectors in Germany. The film officially premiered at festivals last fall.

Dead World is a splattery horror film about madness, decay and human alienation. The story chronicles human survivors in an apocalyptic, zombified universe, where the fate of characters converge, untold stories find unlikely voices and the dead long for absolution. Written and directed by Jon Helge Hesby and produced by Hesby and Kenneth Hansebråten, the plan is to make 3 or 4 episodes with stories that gradually overlap, either in terms of time or characters or other key ingredients.

Even for Norwegian amateur films, an 8 year production schedule is unusually long. What happened was a filmmaker’s worst nightmare; after two years of production, the entire project was lost in a massive hard drive crash. The project was abandoned for a while, but in 2015-16 producer Kenneth Hansebråten got in touch with Daniel Kohnen, a German who had started a DVD label for obscure low budget films. As a joke, Hansebråten suggested Kohnen should release Dead World, and when he saw the trailer, Kohnen was triggered. The laborious task of restoring lost files from multiple hard drives commenced. The film had to be edited again, and pick-up shots and the end scene was filmed.

Some reviews are in:

  • Matthew Russel: So if your a gore hound you would feel right at home with this type of film. I also have to say that the film itself is very beautifully filmed has great setting as well as some great close-up shots of some of the apocalypse that has taking place across the Landscape that you see during the film. I would like to see this short film turned into a more longer based film as well as possibly even an online series.
  • The Grim Reaper: [I] liked the promo episode very much. If you are looking for a thrilling gore party with some pitch black comedy, Dead World is for you. (Rated 5 of 6.)
  • Horrorscream’s Videovault: Though the cast and crew did this project for free as a labour of love, you can tell they had fun doing it and put their heart and soul into the project. I for one would love to see this project be made into a series
  • BMania: Welcome to a nihilistic low-budget Zombie mayhem from Stavanger, Norway! This is a symphony of gore and destruction that grabs your attention from the get-go and won’t leave you till the last drop of blood is spilled. The visuals and editing is well prepared and executed, and a joy to behold. It’s fast paced and in-your-face all the way.

Behind the scenes at the final shoot:


Filmed in 2K HD, the upcoming physical release has the following features:

  • 3 disc special edition in a clamshell VHS-style case
  • Norwegian audio and English subtitles
  • Reversible cover
  • Poster
  • One BluRay, one DVD, one soundtrack CD
  • 8-page booklet with 4-page comic story
  • Two music videos with cast and crew
  • Bloopers, photo gallery, interviews, behind the scenes
  • Signed by key production members

The 6000 NOK (750 USD) short film was scored by Eric Hyman, Long Night and Marcus André Flaig, and stars Christer Espevik, Cathrine Sætre, Egil Bjoroen, Marianne Holter and Christine Sæthre. The disc will be available to buy from June 2018.


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