Review: The Christmas King

The Norwegian Christmas countdown calendar The Christmas King was well received when it aired on NRK in 2012. Does it still hold up?

Written by Bjørn-Åge Borger

Kevin is 9 years old and lives in a village called Silverwood. Dad is an accountant who works for Randi Krohn (practically “Randi Coyn”), who rules the community. Mum is a cop, little sister thinks she is a princess, and big sister is always being spiteful. Christmas arrives shortly, but the family has just been told they have to spend the holiday at Kevin’s bully’s house, Peder Krohn. However, Kevin discovers a tunnel that leads to a hidden valley, the home of knights. Winter has not fallen on the valley for 10 years, so when Kevin brings snow from Silverwood, his act creates a hubbub. The people of Knight Valley thinks Kevin has magic abilities and crowns him as King. But where did the real King and Quuen go? Now it’s up to Kevin to save Christmas, both for himself and for the residents of Knight Valley.

The overall series has plenty of cosy Norwegian Christmas atmosphere and I am impressed by the production quality. NRK has really outdone themselves here. The actors perform well, especially the child actors Oscar Reistad Fosse, Vetle Qvenlid Werring and Emma Rebecca Storvik. Personally it was fun to see Bjarte Tjøstheim in (surprisingly?) a more serious role than we’re used to. Bjarte is mostly known for being a successful comedian on radio.

The Christmas King aired every day from December 1st to December 24th on NRK in 2012, and had an average viewing number of over 200.000. I had to watch two episodes of the 552 minute drama (more than 9 hours) each day to get through it, as opposed to the other Christmas movies I review than can be watched in one sitting. A feature film sequel was made in 2015, called The Christmas King: In Full Armor. It was directed by the same director as the original series, and was popular in cinemas.

The series is still an entertaining and quality calendar, which suits the younger audience better of course, but adults can have a nice time with it too.

Directed by Thale Persen and starring Stella Stenman, Vetle Qvenild Werring, Emma Storvik and Bjarte Tjøstheim in the main roles.




Guest writer Bjørn-Åge Borger is a specialist blogger who has reviewed more than 200 Christmas films since 2009.