4K Thriller to be screened

Arguably the most well known Scandinavian exploitation film, Thriller will be screened from a new 4K print in attendance of star Christina Lindberg.

But only in the US, and only at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Austin, TX, and only on November 11th, and only once. If you make the effort of going there, you will be treated to a unique personal appearance by exploitation star (and nude model) Christina Lindberg, who will be signing photos for fans.

The 1973 revenge film, with the two alternating subtitles A cruel picture and They call her one-eye, is considered a highly influential exploitation movie. It was the direct inspiration for director Quentin Tarantino when he made his double feature Kill Bill (2003 and 2004). Thriller tells the story of a young woman who, muted after a sexual assault as a child, is trained to seek violent revenge on those who have wronged her after being kidnapped and forced to work as a prostitute.

Described as “the roughest revenge picture of all time” by Tarantino, Thriller has been restored and transferred to a 4K print by the Swedish Film Institute. The film was initially banned in Sweden, and caused controversy when rumours that a real human cadaver had been used during filming for an eye stabbing scene. In Daniel Ekeroth’s book on Swedish exploitation movies, Swedish Sensationsfilms, it is revealed that the producers took out a huge life insurance policy on star Christina Lindberg, as real ammunition was used in the action sequences, and that she was asked to inject saline solution during the drug scenes.

Lindberg has appeared or starred in 23 feature films, most of which are erotica, exploitation or soft porn, although the bulk of her film career took place in only four years, starting in 1970.

In USA, Thriller: They Call Her One Eye is currently available only on DVD from Synapse Films and although a BluRay edition based on the new 4K transfer is rumoured, there are no plans to release a BluRay, Synapse says, citing problems with the current rights owner.

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