What we become in the US

what we become us blurayDenmark’s first ever mainstream zombie movie What we become hits US discs in October.

In the idyllic town of Sorgenfri (meaning “free of worries”) a family of four gets their daily life changes abruptly when a deadly virus afflicts the town. It’s survival of the fittest, and the question whether the family is strong enough to make it through the crisis must be answered. 

The 1.6 million Euro / 1.8 million USD film received mixed reviews in Denmark but was favourably received by some American medias. The film, released in its home country last fall, is notable for being the first ever Danish large-ish mainstream zombie film to be shown in cinemas in Denmark. Danish horror films are few and far between on mainstream platforms such as cinemas and public TV, but What we become managed to get a brief run in theatres as part of an “event marketing” campaign.

Read more about the film in our presentation. The Danish language, English subtitled US DVD and BluRay arrive in an American webshop near you on October 18th from Shout Factory.

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