The House on disc soon

husetblurayReinert Kiil’s nazi-ghost thriller The House makes its way to disc on July 11. Scandinavia’s first movie where Nazis can’t kill or imprison people (or “people”) they don’t like…..

After a few DTV sleazers, Reinert Kill released his first theatrical movie The House in April. The ghost story is set during WW2 where two German soldiers and a Norwegian prisoner are caught in a storm. Luckily they find an empty house to take shelter in. The house turns out to be anything but safe, and something is definitely not as it should be. The 84 minute movie was described by director Reinert Kiil as a mix of The Shining and The Conjuring. Even though the film is set during World War 2 in occupied Norway, it is not a war movie; in stead Kiil chose to explore the haunted house genre, which is not represented with a lot of movies in Scandinavia.

The Another World Entertainment disc release is so far only intended for Norway and the rest of the Nordic region, and has the following specs as BR and DVD:

  • Region B / region 2 encoding
  • Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Finnish subtitles
  • German and some English spoken languages
  • Dolby Digital 5.1 sound
  • Anamorphic widescreen image
  • Recommended for people aged 15 or older

You can pre-order the movie now until its July 11 release or read more about it here or our review here.

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