Win Dark Woods 2 tickets

villmark2poster3The highly anticipated sequel to the movie that kickstarted the Norwegian horror wave is now in Norwegian cinemas, but if you need a kick in the butt to get your butt out of the couch, don’t sweat, Nordic Fantasy is here to help you.

In 2008, Norwegians voted 2003’s Dark Woods (original title; Villmark) as the scariest local movie ever. Dark Woods was the first proper Norwegian mainstream horror film, and therefore a pioneering work by director Pål Øie. Now Øie is back with the movie’s first sequel, which has a different story and a new cast, but still aiming for that creepy feeling only remote forests and abandoned asylums can give you. Indeed, Dark Woods 2 has been partially shot at an actual closed sanatorium in Lyster in Western Norway. It opened in 1902 as a TBC facility, and was a place for medical treatment until the 1950s.

You can read more about the movie here and here (it’s official international title is in fact Villmark Asylum but you may not know what the word villmark means?) but if you have still not seen the movie in cinemas, you now have the chance to win 4 free tickets to any screening in Norway. Kindly provided by the distributor Another World Entertainment, two winners will be given two tickets each, so you can bring someone along to hold your hand when you get too scared…

To enter the competition, you need to know this: Name at least two lead actors or actresses in the original Dark Woods movie.

The competition has now ended. Some correct answers would be: Bjørn Floberg, Eva Röse, Marko Kanic, Sampda Sharma, Kristoffer Joner.

The two winners are Bjørn B. and Irinia R. Congratulations! 🙂