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Premiering On October 9 is the anticipated sequel to Dark Woods, one of the most notable Norwegian horror movies. 12 years in the making, Dark Woods 2 has a new cast and makes the most out of a creepy, abandoned real-life sanatorium.

villmark2poster3Norway does not have a great tradition for sequels, so nobody raised an eyebrow when the successfull Dark Woods / Villmark (2003) did not get an immediate follow-up. -12 years, that’s how much time it took. It took several years to develop the [sequel], and other things got in the way. Early on we toyed with the idea of making a sequel, and wanted to be the first in Norway to do that, but others beat us to it, director Pål Øie said to VG earlier this year.

You can read more about Dark Woods 2 here but if you are still not sure wether you are going to see the movie or not, below we have posted some more stills and artwork to tease you, plus a behind-the-scenes video made by the producers. And here’s what the press wrote about Dark Woods 2:

Le Horreur at Montages wrote: “In Dark Woods 2 we’re facing a rugged movie with total control over genre details. A good mix of blood and creepy shadows places it between grounded and mystical horror. This type of unpredictability is rare in current horror films […] Technically a perfect movie […] A nice sequel that lives up to expectations. An atmospheric revisit of the ghastly wilderness, while standing on its own feet.” Rated 7 of 10.

terningkast4NRK P3’s Film Police wrote: “Good actors in creepy surroundings, captured in sharp images, with effective editing and atmospheric sound makes the film sinister throughout […] I see that it is scary, but does not feel it on the same level. The story is not clear enough on what we’re supposed to fear […] While they could have tried harder in being scary, it is a solid genre movie, cleverly directed by Pål Øie […] An icy and beautiful mood, where the story should have gone extra step to match the look.” Rated 4 of 6.

terningkast4Dagbladet wrote: “Visually intelligent, but far less smart in terms of story and themes […] Interesting dynamics between two horror film aesthetics, which signal that Øie have higher ambitions than sudden scares. Unfortunately these ambitions are not reflected in the script, which is less focused […] One sometimes whishes Øie would hold back some of the techniques, but in spite of that, Dark Woods 2 is atmospheric and entertaining, with production values that lift it up to the top level of horror movies shown in Norway this year.” Rated 4 of 6.

terningkast3Side2 / Nettavisen wrote: “Dark Woods 2 does have the ability to put some scares in the viewers, but if it had been more clever and kept back a bit, it would have done a more effective job in pulling our nerves apart.” Rated 3 of 6.

terningkast4Filmfront wrote: “In order to maximize the experience, you need to throw logic and credibility out the window. Dark Woods 2 is, briefly summarized, a difficult movie. On one side it’s not as creepy scary as one hoped, but on the other side it is excellently made technically, and it uses the asylum as a location in a varied and great way.” Rated 4 of 6.

terningkast5VG wrote: “Almost solely a genre exercise with horror triggers. But Øie is smart enough to know that stacking effects often ends in a bland soup. So between the well executed mayhem, there are glimpses of humour, teasers, red herring gags and references. Which adds to the thought that this is actually a well made edge-of-seat movie.” Rated 5 of 6.

terningkast3BergensAvisen wrote: “Even though the involved are working hard in the labyrinth, the script offers mostly obvious events. We see more sighs than sweat […] The end scene is poetic beauty, where everything becomes visual perfection. But we’re not suprised.” Rated 3 of 6.

terningkast5Dagsavisen wrote: “A well thought out mythology has been created, and Øie does not lay things out in the clear […] In the beginning it is not easy to tell if the movie is a ghost story or a slasher or a combination […] The movie has a distinct personality that sets it apart. Pål Øie uses the genre conventions by the book, but gives the impression that he pulls the nastyness from his own subconsciousness than other horror movies […] Dark Woods 2 is consistently well made, and keeps an international level.” Rated 5 of 6.

Other ratings by Norwegian media include Aftenposten which awarded the movie 4 of 6 points, while FilmMagasinet gave it 5 of 10. Adressa rated the film 3 of 6.

Dark Woods 2 – or Villmark Asylum which is the official foreign title – opens wide in Norwegian theatres on October 9.

Behind the scenes (in Norwegian)

Long trailer

Short trailer




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