Quick fall 2015 overview

Not sure what to wait for? Too long between premieres? Forgotten that Scandinavia actually has some genre movies? Here’s a quick overview of
what to expect this fall.

This list is not necessarily complete, as new premieres can still be added over the next few weeks and months, but it does give you a fairly good overview of most genre premieres in cinemas this fall. The release dates point to country of origin premieres.

In Norway:

Bølgen / The wave (disaster, fantasy)
Norway’s “first disaster movie“, about a giant wave hitting the fjords. Directed by Cold Prey helmer Roat Uthaug. Release: August 28, 2015 (theatres).

darkwoods2-posterVillmark 2 / Dark woods 2 (horror)
Five contract workers have taken on the task of tracking a huge building for hazardous waste before it’s demolished. They realize that the job is more than a search for asbestos and mercury when they encounter the building’s frightening past. Directed by the original’s director, Pål Øie. Release date: October 9, 2015 (theatres).

Doctor Proctor’s timetub (comedy, fantasy)
Sequel to the successful Norwegian fantasy-comedy Doctor Proctor’s Fart Powder, based on Jo Nesbø’s children’s novel. The love sick Doctor has travelled back in time in an attempt to change the history. Directed by Arild Fröhlich. Release: October 16, 2015 (theatres).

Hevn / Revenge (exploitation)
Previously known as The doll in the ceiling, this rape-revenge drama is directed by Kjersti G. Steinsbø from a novel by Ingvar Ambjørnsen. Jammed in the majestic fjords of Western Norway, Rebekka (38) is looking for revenge. Under a false identity, she seeks out her deceased sister’s rapist and embeds herself into his idyllic family to destroy his life. Release: November 6, 2015 (theatres).

Julekongen: Full rustning / The king of Christmas (fantasy)
Feature sequel to the 2012 pre-Christmas daily drama series Julekongen. Evil reigns in Knight Valley and Christmas has been cancelled. Only the Gran family can save it! Directed by Thale Persen. Release: November 13, 2015 (theatres).

Solan & Ludvig 2 (children’s fantasy)
Solan & Ludvig: From here to Flåklypa is the sequel to the very successfull 2012 animated family comedy Christmas in Flåklypa. Solan gets into trouble when he puts Reodor’s workshop and house up on the table in a bet. Directed by Rasmus A. Sivertsen. Release: December 25, 2015 (theatres).

In  Sweden:

Evil rising (horror)
Swedish indie feature shot in English. Five paranormal investigators spend a weekend at a haunted mansion to investigate paranormal activity. When one goes missing they realize their lives are in danger. Directed by Jarno Lee Vinsencius. Release date: Fall 2015 (announced, not confirmed).

In Denmark:

Escaping the Dead (horror, splatter)
A Danish horror indie. When drug pusher David and his partner in crime Ahmir gets in serious money trouble, they find out that the cocaine they decide to sell have terrible side effects. Directed by Martin Sonntag and Bastian Brinch Pedersen. Release: Halloween 2015 (announced, not confirmed).

Sorgenfri / What we become (horror)
Bo Mikkelsen directs Mille Dinesen, Troels Lyby, Benjamin Engell, Marie Hammer Boda and Mikael Birkkjær in this Danish movie, about an ordinary family which finds themselves under pressure when a virus breaks out in their town. Release: October 10, 2015 (theatres).

Emma og Julemanden / Emma and Santa Claus (children’s fantasy)
A children’s movie about 11 year old Emma, who loves mythological beings. One day she meets Santa Claus and his wife! Directed by Søren Frellesen. Release: October 30, 2015 (theatres).

emma og julemanden

In Finland:

Distractions (comedy, fantasy)
Distracted by life, Mr. Makkonen misses his engagement party by decades. From the cradle to the grave, life keeps interrupting, not only him, but a tired mother, a doomed superhero and the rest of the comrades. Directed by Aleksi Salmenperä. Release: September 11, 2015 (theatres).

Bunny the killer thing (horror, comedy)
A group of Finnish young adults are heading off to have a fun weekend at a cabin in the dark woods of Finland. The party becomes a game of life and death when suddenly a weird creature attacks from the forest! Directed by Joonas Makkonen. Release: November 6, 2015 (theatres).

Heavysaurs – The Movie (children’s fantasy)
A partly animated live action family adventure about two kids who find five dinosaur creatures that love to eat and play rock music. Directed by Pekka Karjalainen. Release: November 27, 2015 (theatres).

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