Doula first look

doula poster smallNot all midwives want to provide life, they say. At least they say so in the forthcoming Danish movie Doula, now in production.

Written and directed by Kenneth L. Truelsen, the supernatural grindhouse horror tale Doula takes place in a secluded redneck community, where the inhabitants deal with the ghost of their local midwife, who prevents new life to be born. The town has set up a system where they trap bypassers and force them to keep the midwife occupied, so the towners can get a break and get children of their own. Four girlfriends on a roadtrip enter the town – they whish they hadn’t!

Doula is Truelsen’s first feature film, but he teams up with such horror talent as cinematographer Milan Chadima (Hostel and Hostel 2) and producers Mark Myers (Manson Family Vacation, The Experimenter), Mona Skriver, Bendik Heggen Strønstad (Thale, Dark Woods 2), Jerry G. Angelo (7 Faces of Jack the Ripper) and Kodi Saint Angelo.

Doula is the first feature to be produced by Denmark’s Tape_7 Productions – which describes the film as “redneck survival horror meets gothic ghost story” – but is made under the Nordic Genre Invasion banner, which was set up in 2013 to promote Nordic genre movies, such as Dead Snow 2, American Burger and Iron Sky 2. Filming starts this summer, mainly in New Mexico. The teaser trailer was shot in the Czech Republic in May this year, with support from producer Vojtech Fric. 

doula preview


A crowdfunding campaign has been set up to raise 10.000 dollars to aid the production. You can also follow the movie on Facebook.

Doula has been described as a Thelma & Louise crossing over to Deliverance and ending up like The Woman in Black, and is expected to premiere at festivals in 2016.

Location scouting:



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