12 facts about Kung Fury

kungfuryposterwithlogoBy now, only one person in the world has not seen Kung Fury yet, and if that person is you, here are 12 reasons why Kung Fury is the most bad-ass Swedish movie ever.

In less than 24 hours, the sensational short film reached 3 million views on its official Youtube channel. Right now, it approaches 13 million views, with many more added from its SVT partner and unofficial uploads. Kung Fury has been hailed as the best Swedish film ever, and if you are the only person left to not have seen the film, maybe these facts will convince you.

  1. Kung Fury speaks with a low voice, as if he constantly lives in a movie trailer. As his life is actionpacked like a movie trailer, he can not speak with a different voice.
  2. When Kung Fury timetravels, he can do so standing up, no matter how much time travel wind hits his face.
  3. Kung Fury has the ability to transform into a cartoon figure, and back.
  4. Kung Fury references more 1980s movies than there were movies made in the 1980s (almost true).
  5. Kung Fury learns us that LaserRaptors lived in the Viking age.
  6. Tank you!
  7. Kung Fury is the only movie to feature dinosaurs, David Hasselhoff, Vikings, Nazis, ninjas, kung fu and transforming arcade games.
  8. Kung Fury only works alone, even when he’s offered a real TriceraCop as a partner.
  9. Kung Fury is only paid a cop’s wages but can still afford an Italian supercar, like all Miami cops in the 80s had.
  10. If Kung Fury is kicked out in space by a robot, he can still breathe enough to jump back to earth.
  11. Kung Fury’s friend Hackerman is the greatest hacker ever, because by “using an RX modulator, he might be able to conduct a mainframe cell direct and hack the uplink to the download. With the right computer algorithms he can hack you back in time. Just like a time machine.”
  12. Kung Fury is probably the greatest martial arts cop ever, so he must therefore tackle the greatest martial arts villain of all times – Adolf Hitler.



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