MOF wants you!

The Swedish film festival Monsters of Film invites all genre film makers to submit their films for possible screening at the festival.

For the fourth consequtive year, the horror, sci-fi and fantasy film festival Monsters of Film in Stockholm, Sweden will delight genre audiences with film screenings, meetings, panels, workshops and business events. A new thing for 2015 is the possibility for any film maker to submit their movie for potential inclusion in screenings. Short films, features, arthouse movies and documentaries are of interest.

The rules are:

  • You do not have to be a filmmaker connected to a production company. MOF is interested in seeing film from all kinds of filmmakers.
  • The film can not be produced later than 2013. But the film must be completed by the time of submission. Final editing and/or colour/sound corrections excepted.
  • The film must be fully completed and ready for delivery and screening no later than september 2015.
  • Let MOF know if there are any changes or updates regarding the film. If the update has significant impact on the former content a new submission will have to be made.
  • Online screener or DVD must always be delivered together with the submission form.
  • If the film is selected for the Monsters of Film festival 2015 the producer/directer/applicant will provide a copy of the film, art material and deliver according to the festivals specs.
  • MOF does not accept material that in any way pose a threat to people according to their gender, ethnicity, beliefs, sexual orientation or disabilities.
  • Submission of a film to Monsters of Film 2015 states that the film’s owner/maker and/or producer accept the above rules.

Download the application form from here (the adress to where to send the application is on the form).

The application process is open between April 15 and July 31. The festival’s programme will be released in September, and the festival takes place during five days in October.

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