Win Grotesk DVD

grotesk-dvd-frontYou now have the chance to win a copy of the Danish sci-fi splatter movie, Grotesk. 

After a secret mission to the Moon, an American spacecraft crashlands just outside the Danish coast. Onboard is a very radioactive slime, dug out from the backside of the Moon. When the slime leaks out into the water, an unstoppable monster is created, speading an inferno of death and destruction in the idyllic summer paradise which is (or used to be) Denmark. That’s the story in Grotesk, a new Danish movie which is a tribute to trashy B-movies from the 70s and 80s, complete with faded images and poor dubbing. Herschell Gordon Lewis, Olaf Ittenbach and Andreas Schnaas are given as references – “there will be blood”, as the saying goes.

Now you can receive the DVD in your mail (thanks to Another World Entertainment), simply by knowing this: Who is the director of the film? We need your reply no later than February 26, 1800 hours CET.

The competition has now ended. The correct answer is: Peter J. Bonneman. Winner of the DVD: Anthony W, Iowa, USA.

We have one DVD to give away, with these specifications:

  • Danish / English 5.1 audio
  • English and Danish subtitles
  • PAL region 2 coding
  • Anamorphic widescreen image
  • Special features: Trailershow, slideshow

Read our preview here.

If you don’t win the DVD, you can order the film from (international shipping available).



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