Energina preview

energina4Currently rerunning on Swedish television is Energina, a superhero action series for children. The titular character is a little girl whose arch-enemy Doctor Dominator tries to take over the city where they both live.

Originally broadcast on Swedish national television SVT in 2013, Energina is a 10-part TV series about Gina (Sara Månberg), who gets superpowers following a freak accident at a science museum. Her mother was a scientist working with energy and electricity, and created the sub-atomic generator. Now, when the city of Metroborg calls, Gina turns into Energina. Usually, it is the notorious Doctor Tibeus Dominator (Christer Fant) creating some kind of trouble, for example by stopping time.

Energina’s superpower is the ability to shoot bolts of energy from her hands. She can not fly and is not invulnerable, because after all, she is only a 12-13 year old girl who lives with her dad and an evil stepmom.

The series, which is aimed at children and runs for 13 minutes each episode, is directed by Staffan Kihlbom Thor from a script by Patrik Sundström and Pelle Hеlmstеin and airs Saturdays on SVT Barnkanalen at 7.05 pm.






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