Grotesk preview

grotesk-dvd-frontFinally available to the public is the Danish sci-fi / gore movie Grotesk, a movie which claims it is Denmark’s answer to Plan nine from outer space.

Having been in production since (at least) 2012, Grotesk is now available on DVD from Another World Entertainment, after having premiered at the Bloody Weekend festival in Copenhagen last September. The 64 minute movie is a tribute to trashy B-movies from the 70s and 80s, complete with faded images and poor dubbing. Herschell Gordon Lewis, Olaf Ittenbach and Andreas Schnaas are given as references.

After a secret mission to the Moon, an American spacecraft crashlands just outside the Danish coast. Onboard is a very radioactive slime, dug out from the backside of the Moon. When the slime leaks out into the water, an unstoppable monster is created, speading an inferno of death and destruction in the idyllic summer paradise which is (or used to be) Denmark.

Directed by Peter J. Bonneman, and starring Heine Sørensen, Kim Kofod, Jack Jensen, Jørgen Gjerstrup and Mads Jensen.





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