Dark Woods relaunched

In a rare move, Norway’s first real horror film, Dark Woods, is being relaunched on all relevant formats, to warm up for the sequel that is coming later this year.

dark woods villmark dvd 2015

It says something about a country that their first mainstream horror movie came out as late as in 2003. Dark Woods (original title; Villmark) was a fresh and unique addition to Norwegian cinema when it launched the Norwegian horror scene 12 years ago. This year, a sequel is coming out from the same director, Pål Øie, and to warm up for its release, the production company has teamed up with Warner Bros. to relaunch the original movie on home video. While the film did get a DVD release in 2003, the new release (available in shops now) is on both DVD and VoD formats, as well the first BluRay edition, coming later in the year, close to the sequel’s premiere.

It is rare that a Norwegian horror movie is re-released on DVD, VoD and BluRay like this, but the original film was popular; over 150.000 people bought tickets for its theatrical run, which is a success by any standards in Norway. The film was also voted Most Scary Movie Ever by the readers of Dagbladet, Norway’s second biggest newspaper.

The new edition is a pan-Nordic release, and the title on the re-designed cover (pictured) is therefore Dark Woods, not the original title.

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