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Soon to be released in Denmark is Outburst, a horror-splatter short about zombies and a girl with no name.

Arriving later this year is the Danish splatter-horror short Udbrud / Outburst, which refers to a mysterious plague that creates hordes of zombies. The story takes place in a world on the virge of breakdown. A girl, who goes unnamed in the film, must use all her survival skills to get through the sudden outbreak. Howevever, bubonic-ridden creatures of terror from the pits of hell are queued up to make her life sour.

The brand new trailer shows more footage from the movie, which we previously reported on here and here.

The 40-minute film, which has been directed by special effects designer Henrik Andersen, will be released on DVD, following a limited theatrical premiere, possibly in March.

udbrud teaser image

udbrud teaser image2

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