Win signed Christmas Cruelty DVD

You now have the chance to win an autographed copy of the Norwegian Christmas slasher, Christmas Cruelty (aka O’Hellige Jul). But don’t blame it on us if your Christmas spirit is ruined by the prize!

christmas cruelty poster

Santa: -I need something for a guy in a wheelchair. Shop clerk: -Did you have anything special in mind? Santa: -I was thinking perhaps a chainsaw. This particular Santa will not make the recepient enjoy his gift, that’s for sure! You too can experience the graphic on-camera full daylight rapes, massacres and head smashing – to get you into that special Christmas spirit – by participating in this competition with two autographed DVDs in the prize basket.

What you need to know, is: What’s the name of the actor playing Bad Santa in Christmas Cruelty? The competition has ended. The correct answer is: Tormod Lien.

The winners are: Bosse N, Sweden and Amaad K, UK. The DVDs are on their way, on Santa’s little sleigh!

We have two DVDs to give away, with these specifications:

  • Norwegian 5.1 surround sound spoken language
  • English, Swedish, Norwegian subtitles
  • NTSC all-region coding
  • Special features: Commentary track with DoP, directors and cast, music video, teaser, bloopers, fan interview, premiere footage, press conference footage and a short film
  • Suitable only for persons of 18 years and over

Read our review here and see some stills and video here.

If you don’t win the DVD, you can order the film from Tiger (international shipping available).

en grym jul swedish poster

Swedish poster.