Nordic sci-fi on paper

If you want to educate yourself on Nordic science fiction films, there are only a few specialized sources you can turn to. Peter Öberg’s book Science fiction så in i Norden is one of the most comprehensive overviews.


Released by his own publishing house in 2012, Peter Öberg’s reference book Science fiction så in i Norden lists practically all science fiction films and TV productions made in the Nordic region between 1916 and 2012. You may not think there are so many of them, even after reading this website, but Öberg has found 220 productions that qualify. In this region, some sci-fi is just social drama with a small twist or children’s TV shows, and this book has them all, from the 1918 Danish silent film A trip to Mars to the nazis of Iron Sky.

The A5 b&w 130-page book lists all movies alphabetically, with screenshots, brief facts and a short descriptive review for each title. While the Swedish-language book does not cover short films with playing time less than 20 minutes, there are bonus articles on sci-fi music videos and Nordic directors making genre films in Hollywood. A new edition of the book is in the works, although date of publication is far ahead.

Peter Öberg is not only running the small sci-fi publisher Affront, he is also running the Swedish sci-fi and fantasy blog Spektakulärt, about fantastical movies and litterature from the Nordic region. A blog we here at NordicFantasy feel related to!

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