68 upcoming horror movies

The world’s biggest overview of upcoming Nordic horror and exploitation movies! No less that 68 films and videos, with trailers, teaser art, posters and links.

This list includes short films, TV projects, DTV productions, big budget features, web video and low budget indies. In other words, everything related to moving images from the Nordic horror genres. The list is not necessarily complete, and although months of research have gone into finding every known project and their creators (not an easy task, movies in development are sometimes well hidden), you are welcome to send us links or info on titles not covered here.

The following movies are predominantly within the horror genre or any of its subdivisions. Note that releases dates and project details may change, and that the projects range from confirmed desk drawer projects to theatrical-ready films.

Re: (horror, thriller)
Swedish low budget feature. Emma returns to her childhood home, only to find her past catching up with her. She is well aware that some things are not real, and also finds herself attracted to what scares her the most; the neighbour she can not remember ever having seen living in the house close by. Starring Jenny Lampa, Anders Möller, Angelina Dudus, Ariadna Kozlovski, Annika Lundgren. Written and directed by Andreas Lindergård.

Saga (horror, comedy)
A Norwegian metafilm about a music video director planning to make a Viking feature based upon the classic Norse Eyrbyggja saga. The saga tells the story of a Viking who dies, gets buried, but breaks out of his tomb as a zombie and terrorizes the village. The director works on a small budget and gets help from his black metal- and bikerfriends to make his film. Labelled as “a Black Metal Viking Biker-film with zombies”, the film looks for international attention, and stars Ted “Nocturno Culto” Skjellum, Trond Hannemyr, Ingvild Hogstad, Terje Sødal, Silje Elde, Guro Dale, Leif Arild Sanden. Directed by Jørn Steen. Release date: 2015.

The illusion of reality (horror, drama)
Swedish-Japanese low budget feature. The young script writer Carl loses his inspiration after multiple failed attempts at writing his big breakthrough. He gives up, but his friend Simon convinces him to write a horror film. Carl still needs to find some inspiration for his script so he goes on a trip to the woods in hope of reclaiming it. What he finds will be more than he was begging for. Something much bigger than himself is brewing under the surface… Starring Carl Sundström, Simon Tuomisto, Anders Lundell, Sara Mähler. Directed by Carl Sundström. Release date: TBA.


Swedish cults (horror, mystery)
Big budget Swedish movie based on Anders Fager’s 2009 collection of horror stories with a supernatural element, inspired by  H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythology. The tales take place mainly in today’s Sweden, but threads to the past are weaved and real-life characters like King Karl XI, August Strindberg and Herman Göring are included. Another character is the librarian Ingemar Fredman, who served under Queen Kristina (1626 – 1689) and who still works in Stockholm. The director duo Måns Mårlind and Björn Stein (Underworld 4: Awakening, Storm, Snapphanar) has been attached to direct. In development since 2012. Release date: TBA.

The Clown (horror)
Swedish short film, the first in a series of shorts called Fasa (“fear” in Swedish). The Fasa series deals with out greatest fears, such as being scared of nearby things without knowing it. The Clown is about Hanna, a young girl who seeks a babysitter for her daughter Emelie, who thinks the clown doll in her room is scary. Hanna’s boyfriend Linus comes over to spend some time there, but the cosy night is soon turned into pure terror. To be distributed at festivals, DVD and online. Produced by Mikael Stridsson, Göran Sjögran and Patrik Stridsson. Directed by Daniel Lehmussaari. Release date: November 5, 2014.

Handling the undead (horror)
Swedish big budget feature based on Let the right one in author John Ajvide Lindqvist’s 2005 novel (original title: Hanteringen av odöda). Thousands of deceased Swedes in Stockholm return to life as zombies. While the government is unsure what to do, Gustav decides to dig up the corpse of his recently buried grandson Elias. Meanwhile, psychic teenager Flora is given the task to return the undead to their eternal slumber by Death itself. The story is about the reactions of society and the conflicts that arise between the authorities and the relatives of the undead. Plans for a film (and possibly a TV series) has been in the works since 2005, and at least three major production companies have passed on the project. Kristian Petri has been attached to direct. Curren status: Unknown. Release date: TBA.

Untitled movie (exploitation)
Swedish low budget exploitation/revenge movie, taking place in Texas. Still in script development. From Rebellious Pictures, the producers of The Stockholm Bloodbath. Release date: TBA.

Untitled movie (slasher)
Swedish low budget slasher film, taking place in the desert outside Los Angeles. Still in script development. From Rebellious Pictures, the producers of The Stockholm Bloodbath. Release date: TBA.

Polaroid (horror)
Norwegian 15 minute short film. When the two young girls Sarah and Linda, both social media enthusiasts, one night get bored, they decide to play around with an old Polaroid camera. Starring Thea Sofie Næss, Annika Witt. Produced by Petter Onstad Løkke and John Einar Hagen. Written and directed by Lars Klevberg. Release date: Spring 2015.


The shadow seamstress (horror)
Finnish period movie, set in the 1930s, in which a young girl is locked away and forced to sew shadows together for an insane and evil businessman. Shot between September 12th and 20th. Starring Marco Melander, Marianne Niemelä, Ane Orue-Etxebarria, Anna Linna, Saara Salmi. Directed by Nick Gillespie. Release date: January 15, 2015.

The Stockholm Bloodbath (horror)
Swedish low budget found footage feature, shot in English. Carlos, Jessie and Brian are three charming bad boys. They travel the world picking up girls, filming their escapades and building up a world wide online community of followers. They arrive as tourists in Stockholm during the summer celebration of “The Stockholm Bloodbath”, a centenary tradition celebrated in the old town of the city. There they meet a group of stereotyped Swedish girls which drive them into the local underground club and rock scene in a night of extreme excitement. Everything seems to be according to plan when the guys together with other tourists get involved in a rampage of killings. Starring Dave Leon, Jean-Claude Boeke, Patrick Saxe, Danny Ward, Fred Anderson. Directed by Stephanie Ohlsson. Release date: TBA.

Delirium (horror)
Swedish 30 minute short film based on Edgar Allan Poe’s short story The Tell-Tale Heart from 1843. The film is about Ove and his personal assistant Erik. Ove lives in his mansion and Erik, as his employee, lives there too, but Erik is disturbed by Ove’s one eye which has a disease. The eye becomes an obsession for Erik and puts him in a delirious state. When dreams and reality start to become more and more intertwined, Erik must choose powerful methods. Starring Olov Thaung, Emmelie Thaung, Mikael Jacobsson, Lenny Mostberg, Nina Åberg. Directed by Dimitri Latorre. Release date: January 2015.

The curse of The Plywood (horror, comedy, fantasy)
Finnish horror film, sequel to the 2012 short The Plywood. A story about love, loss and death – with nudity, gore and plywood. One year after Matti’s death, Teppo and Irmeli are living together and life seems just fine. Until they hear that The Plywood has returned… Starring Joona Järvinen, Oskari Räsänen, Aaro Lappalainen, Pekka Laitinen. Directed by Pasi Ruotsalainen. Release date: 2015.

Trans Somnium (horror, mystery)
Swedish low budget movie. In an attempt to be reunited with her dead lover, Maya evokes dark forces through occult rituals. Starring Sandra Karinsdotter, Kaarina Lindblom, Johan Sjöberg, Sören Tolinsson, Maj-Lis Enqvist. Directed by Andreas Marawell. Release date: TBA.

Bunny the killer thing (horror, comedy)
Finnish 100 minute feature. A group of Finnish young adults are heading off to have a fun weekend at a cabin in the dark woods of Finland. By chance, three foreign men end up to the same cabin. The men seem to be hiding a secret, and the party weekend becomes a game of life and death when suddenly a weird creature attacks from the forest! The creature is half man, half rabbit, and it is after anything that resembles female genitals. Starring Veera W. Vilo, Enni Ojutkangas, Roope Olenius, Henry Saari. Directed by Joonas Makkonen from a story by Miika J. Norvanto. Release date: 2015.

Harvest (horror, drama)
Danish short film, about 18 minutes long. Starring Dorte Rømer, Kim Sønderholm, Julie Kunz and with introduction by Lloyd Kaufman of Troma. Written and directe by Martin Sonntag and Kim Sønderholm.

A.G.W.A.U. (horror, drama)
Danish feature. Andy have always been Mia’s only consolation during their tragic upbringing in a household with a violent father and a repressed mother, making Mia think that his release will be a new start for them both, and that Andy’s destructive nature is gone forever. But before long, Andy declines back into darkness. He starts a journey to hell, forcing Mia to go with him. Mia now has to face a much more evil and brutal side of humanity and herself than she ever could have imagined, and must ultimately recognize that there is darkness within us all. Starring Johannes Nymark, Joachim Knop, Anne Sofie Adelsparre, Mads Knarreborg. Written and directed by Kasper Juhl. Release date: 2015.

Alena (horror, drama)
Swedish live action short film. Based on Kim W. Anderson’s award winning graphic novel, Alena is a story about a young girl tormented by ghosts in her past, trying to survive in a boarding school jungle. The film will be shot in the autumn of 2014 with delivery in 2015. It is a co-production with SVT (Swedish Television) with support from the Swedish Film Institute. Written by Kerstin Gezelius and Alexander Onofri. Directed by Daniel di Grado. Release date: Spring 2015.


Evil rising (horror)
Swedish indie feature shot in English. Five paranormal investigators spend a weekend at a haunted mansion to investigate paranormal activity. When one goes missing they realize their lives are in danger. Starring Peter Hallin, Demis Tzivis, Asko Päiviö, Anna Lott, Livia Emma Tsirk. Directed by Jarno Lee Vinsencius. Release date: December 24, 2014.

Come back to me (horror, drama, thriller)
Swedish independent movie produced by Glowbox Film. Burdened by the accident that took the life of her unborn child, a woman starts having visions of a mysterious young girl and soon realizes something evil may have followed her back from the brink of death. Originally titled Kom tillbaka till mig, the film is written and directed by Bryan Ryan and starring Lina Hall, Andreas Utterhall, Peter Carlberg, Hampus Ekström. Release date: 2015.

Untitled project
Joint project between Norwegian Reinert Kiil (The whore, The house) and Fred Vogel (August Underground) of Toetag Pictures. Possibly to be filmed in 2016. Release date: TBA.

Fucking Deadheads (horror, comedy)
Swedish low budget film about Alexandra (Andrea Trädgårdh) who is having her school exam party. Everyone there tells her that she needs to leave the city she lives in and do something interesting in the big world. Alexandra is not in a hurry, and feels that what happens will happen. When the party is over and Alexandra wakes up from a slumber, she finds that her family and friends have become posessed. They tear eachother up and then attack Alexandra, who tries to escape. “Well, this is interesting too” she thinks and decides to become a zombie slayer all around Sweden. Practical effects and make-up combined with comedy. Directed by Annelie Skogsberg. Release date: TBA.

Death Reserve (horror, action)
A Swedish-American low budget practical FX feature. In 1945 in war torn Germany, the Allies are on the verge of crushing the Third Reich and winning the war – until the Nazis create an army of highly evolved re-animated corpses called Necro Troopers; vampires, adominations and other nightmarish creatures, and mechs using both super science and dark magic under the command of Dracula, turning the tides in their favor. It’s up to an elite military force known as the Death Reserve led by Vendetta, a gun-toting Frankenstein femme fatale, along with General Edmond Richter, who also happens to be a werewolf, Maximillion Strober, an ex German scientist that now works for the good guys to band together in hopes of stopping the The Legion of Monsters. Described as “The Dirty Dozen meets horror in a highly stylized dieselpunk world in a visceral action packed blood bath”. Starring Marisha Ray. Directed by Von Kreep. Release date: TBA.

death reserve

The End (horror, sci-fi)
A Swedish low budget production. A classic detective story set in a post-apocalyptic film noir world beyond time and space, though zombies are present. Frank has no future and survives from one day to the next. When he gets the chance to help is lost daughter, he regains the spark of life and embarks on a journey where dangers lurk around every corner. In production since 2010. Directed by Hans Belfrage. Release date: TBA.

A broken line (horror)
A surrealistic industrial horror story, completely based on sound; the audience follows the protagonist through the lens of his camera, with most creatures and entities being either invisible or hiding in the dark. “You don’t belong here” – those were the first words he heard after arriving. Stuck in a non-corporeal world in which he’s not welcome, in an environment where even the slightest misstep could lead to devastating consequences, he must strive to survive and find a way to escape with the sole help from a creature whom he cannot see, The Companion. Currently in production, under writer-director Christian van Caine and producers van Caine, Tomas Amlöv, Lisa Schröder. Release date: February 2015.

Dead World (sci-fi, horror)
A series of Norwegian short films about madness, decay and human alienation. The series chronicles the stories of survivors in an apocalyptic, zombified universe, where the fate of characters converge, untold stories find unlikely voices and the dead long for absolution. Written and directed by Jon Helge Hesby. Now in post-production. Release date: TBA.


Postpartum (horror, drama)
A Danish feature which is the feature directorial debut of award-winning music video director Michael Panduro. A film about having children; while hiking in the woods a young couple come across an abandoned infant. Starring Christian Gade Bjerrum. Release date: TBA.

17th May (horror)
Norwegian independent horror film currently in development. Dennis Ottesen’s story is about a rich right-wing extremists who, at a National Day party, serves traditional Norwegian food, and entertains his guests with the torture of immigrants and socialists. The idea of the film is to provoke reactions with “politically incorrect content”. Release date: TBA.

Killundgård (horror)
From one of the makers of O’Hellige Jul, Magne Steinsvoll in Norway. Now in development, this ghost movie will be focusing on creepy atmospheres and imagination, rather that shock effects and gore. The story takes place in a countryside house where mysterious events happens beyond the control of the inhabitants. To be directed by Magne Steinsvoll. Release date: 2016.

Under the knife (horror, sci-fi)
Swedish-Korean indie feature about Beverly, who travels to South Korea to get plastic surgery, but ends up unknowingly getting a computerized implant from a surgeon who maniacally turns his patients into beautiful killing machines. Currently in post-production. Written and directed by Josh Hoffman, produced by J. Pingo Lindstrom. Release date: 2015.

Abysmal (horror)
Swedish indie feature, in which contamination from a natural gas fracking site creates a ferocious monster in a nearby forest where it terrorizes an environmental activist and her teenage friends. Starring Elinn Thurin, Lisa Appelgren, Joakim Tångfelt, David Bowles. Written by Josh Hoffman, directed by J. Pingo Lindstrom. Release date: 2015.

Outbreak (horror)
A Danish horror-splatter short about zombies and a girl with no name. The story takes place in a world on the virge of breakdown. A girl must use all her survival skills to get through the sudden outbreak of bubonic-ridden creatures of terror from the pits of hell. Directed on a low budget by special effects engineer Henrik Andersen, the 45 minute film (to be made available on DVD with English subtitles) is now in post-production. Release date: Autumn 2014.

Stallo (horror, fantasy)
Swedish big budget feature, based on the best selling novel of the same name by Stefan Spjut. A “troll thriller” set in a grey everyday Sweden with supernatural elements. Instead of zombies, the characters will have to face stallos, human-like creatures who eats human flesh. In the 2012 book, which takes place in Northern Sweden in 1978 and 2004, the stallo (a mythological Sami creature) kidnaps children. To be directed by Mikael Marcimain (Call Girl, The Laser Man). Not to be confused with the Norwegian movie, Stallo: the curse of the shaman. Release date: TBA.

encountersposter2Encounters (horror, sci-fi)
The first Danish found-footage movie, about a Danish film crew that went into the vast forests of Northern Sweden to shoot a horror film. Six days later they dissapeared without a trace. An investigation was started, but was soon halted by the Swedish Security Service, SÄPO. Then the film crew’s footage leaked onto the internet, showing some disturbing and terrifying images… Starring Jacob Guldager. Signe Sørensen, Kristian Fjord, Casper Sloth. Produced by Kasper Graversen, directed by Anders Bukh. Release date: October 1, 2014 (limited), October 30, 2014 (general).

The Institution (horror, thriller)
Norwegian indie film on a 1.3 million dollar budget, about a troubled man who discovers that the office building where he works was used as an institution for blind children 70 years ago, and that his relatives were abusing the children who are now haunting different firms in the building. To be directed by Morten Løke, previously known for the absurd Bread & Circus. Release date: TBA.

Deadrise (horror)
This 3D zombie movie from Finland (shot in English) is developed by the Iron Sky team of writer-director Timo Vuorensola and producer Tero Kaukomaa. It’s an zombies-in-a-submarine film (not too many of them around!) to be made on a 2 million dollar budget after Vuorensola has finished Iron Sky 2. Release date: TBA.

faust2.0-posterFaust 2.0 (horror, thriller)
Swedish anthology of five stories based on a very modern theme. Softwares and apps are installed daily, based on agreements we scroll past and accept. But what exactly do we accept? In Faust 2.0 five individuals unknowingly enters into a pact with unknown forces, and their lives are brought to a brutal turn when they use the mystical applications to achieve what they want – but instead get what they deserve. As the applications spread, the pieces fall into place and a digital pandemic takes shape. Directed by Robert Selin, Alan Gustafsson, Nicolas Debot, Johannes Pinter, Micke Von Engström. Starring Frida Liljevall, Thomas Hedengran, Katarina Bothén, Per Burell, Chrissy Pavlov, Peter Stridsberg, Mattias Redbo, Ida Linnertorp, Mariah Kanninen, Ola Björkman, Anders Hasselroth, Anders Fager, Joachim Staaf, Per Ragnar. Release date: October 17, 2014 (theatrical), December 3, 2014 (disc).

Stallo: The curse of the shaman (horror, comedy, fantasy)
Norwegian 35.000 euro indie film based on Nordic and Sami mythology. Youths on a trip in the woods of Northern Norway discover an ancient Sami burial ground. Shortly after, strange things start to happen, involving a beast created out of blood and mud by an evil shaman. Described as “Friday the 13th meets Pathfinder“. Starring Nina Blomsköld, Daniel Iversen, Helene Gade-Lundlie, Magnus Bjørnstad, Thor Normann, Trine Lise Olsen, Bjørn Danielsen, Hallvard Kongsli and Arne Skog. Directed by Freddy Vith. Release date: January 2015.

We are monsters (horror, drama)
From the directing team that brought us Wither, Sonny Laguna and Tommy Wiklund, comes We are monsters; Emma is a business woman coming from Australia to the U.S to sign a controversial oil contract. On her way to a press conference, she jumps into a taxi. Soon after, to her surprise, she is attacked and drugged by the taxi driver. She wakes up tied to a chair in a filthy cabin. Emma soon learns she’s the night’s amusement for a man named Jim and his loyal associates Pete and Shirley. She must now do everything she can to survive. Starring Hanna Oldenburg, Ralf Beck, Thorbjorn Andersson and Niki Nordenskjold. Release date: 2015.

Vägen (horror)
Swedish low budget feature with a title meaning The Road. A young man makes a deal with a man at a club to bring a bag to a mysterious stranger with the promise of getting a great sum of money. The mysterious stranger, though, commands him to bring the bag to another man, named Daniel, at a heathen place of sacrifice. A fellowship of young people has been formed. They all bear heavy burdens from their past and have been called by the mysterious stranger to wander through the “Valley of the Shadow of Death”, being haunted by curses as well as a dangerous pack of satanists. Starring. Melvin Shine, Felicia Godman, Kevin L. Fogelqvist, Henrik Sääf Hagström, Carl Salén. Directed by Anders Ekedahl, Kristian Pettersson, Jonas Larsson Grönström. Release date: December 2014 (limited theatrical run & DVD).

The house (horror, thriller)
From Reinert Kiil, director of The whore and Inside the whore, comes The House, an atmospheric horror-thriller set in Norway during World War 2. The 90 minute low budget film is about three soldiers in occupied Norway; two Germans are keeping a Norwegian prisoner, and as they find themselves in the wilderness they realize that the war is not their greatest concern. The 10.000 dollar film, which Kiil describes as a mix of The Shining and The Conjuring, has been shot and is in post-production. Release date: TBA.

Angst (horror)
A ghost movie from the Norwegian duo that brought you O’Hellige Jul, Per-Ingvar Tomren and Raymond Volle. The film will have a bigger budget than the first film, but will be less brutal, although the special effects will still be old-school and CGI-less. The story: On a small island, the inhabitants have been terrorised by ghosts for a long time, and it is getting worse. Those who don’t leave the island in time, are killed. A group of young people decides that this island must be the perfect place for a spectacular Halloween party. Release date: 2016.

angst teaser

Sorgenfri (horror)
Bo Mikkelsen directs Mille Dinesen, Troels Lyby, Benjamin Engell, Marie Hammer Boda and Mikael Birkkjær in this Danish movie, about an ordinary family which finds themselves under pressure when a virus breaks out in their town. The film, which has also been written by Mikkelsen, was shot this summer. Release date: Autumn 2015.

American Burger (horror, comedy)
Only the finest ingredients! A Swedish movie with English language, about a bus load of American students on a culture trip in Europe. They stumble upon a mysterious hamburger stand in the middle of nowhere. They are about to realize that the European notion of “American hamburgers” is terrifyingly different to what they’re used to… “Hoping to do for burgers what Jaws did for sharks!” Directed by Bonita Drake and Johan Bromander. Starring Fredrik Hiller, Liam Macdonald, Ben Thornton, Benjamin Brook, Lena Bengtson, Hanna Nygren, Hjalmar Strid. The release will be an online global direct-to-audience streaming event and download-to-own movie, with a disc release in some countries later. Release date: October 17th (VOD), October 22 (DVD), 2014.

Dead Bait (horror, exploitation)
Norwegian short film directed by Lars Erik Lie. Lisa is “fried alive” by the boiling sun, struck with fever and out of water. A sportsfisherman spies on her while she takes a swim in a soothing lake, but some fish is better left alone… A microbudget sleazy rape-revenge exploitation film with elements of dark comedy and zombie mythology. Filmed during just one day, Dead Bait is said to be so gruesome it might not be allowed on YouTube. The movie also got the director kicked out of a horror film discussion group based on a promotional still. Release date: Autumn 2014.

Zon 261 (action, horror)
Written and directed in Sweden by Fredrik Hiller. A highly contagious virus that turns people into monsters is spread throughout the city of Landskrona. The military puts the city in quarantine. A small group of non-infected (native Swedes and immigrants) take shelter in the citadel. As the monsters try to claw their way into their sanctuary, the racial conflict among the non-infected intensifies and gets to a point where they have to ask themselves who the real monsters are. The infected outside or the enemies inside? A take on Night of the Living Dead translated to the hot political potato of racism in Sweden. Starring Jonas Malmsjö, Per Ragnar, Eva Rydberg, Jarmo Mäkinen, Elin Lanto, Bahar Pars, Zardasht Rad. Release date: Winter 2014 or spring 2015.

Bodom (survival, slasher)
This Finnish horror film “reconstructs” a legendary campsite event that happened IRL at Lake Bodom near Espoo, Finland in 1960. Four teenagers were stabbed to death while sleeping in their tent. As the years passed and the case grew cold, the unsolved mystery turned into an urban legend, a creepy campfire story passed from generation to generation. Now, a group of teenagers arrives at the same campsite, hoping to solve the murders by reconstructing it minute by minute. As night falls, it turns out not all of them are there to play. Starring Alina Tomnikov under the direction of Taneli Mustonen and produced by Aleksi Hyvärinen. Release: 2016.

Dyke Hard (exploitation, comedy)
From Sweden comes the lesbian exploitation musical Dyke Hard, about a failed lesbian rock group on their way to a battle of the bands in the big city. They team up with a thaiboxer and together they go through all kinds of adventures with ghosts, ninjas, cyborgs, prison breaks, evil rollerderby girls, a motorcycle gang and a mysterious billionaire. The story takes place in the age of big hair and broad shoulders, specifically 1986. -In true John Waters style we explore female comedy to the chocking max, but men-loving viewers need not worry; there will be plenty of poledancers, prison guards, cute bears and body builder ballet as well, director Bitte Andersson explains. The movie will also offer eyecandy in the form of gory splatter effects. In post-production now. Release date: November 8 (limited, festival screening), Q1 2015 (wide).

The doll in the ceiling (exploitation)
Norwegian rape-revenge drama with a twist, to be directed by Kjersti G. Steinsbø from a novel by Ingvar Ambjørnsen. Jammed in the majestic fjords of Western Norway, Rebekka (38) is looking for revenge. Under a false identity, she seeks out her deceased sister’s rapist and embeds herself into his idyllic family to destroy his life. Release date: Fall 2015.

It came from the desert (action, comedy, horror)
From Finland and the producer of Iron Sky, and director Marko Mäkilaakso, comes the story of Brian and Lukas’ wild adventure in the desert. A motocross action film with giant spiders, inspired by the 80s cult video game for Amiga by the same title. Shooting is planend for Almeria, Spain during spring 2015. No cast has been announced just yet. The script is by Hank Woon and Marko Mäkilaakso, Mäkilaakso will also direct the film. Release date: Late 2015 or 2016.

Famished (horror)
A low budget Norwegian film from the director of The thrill of a kill, Lars Erik Lie. The film starts with a rumour that claims that a cannibal (an war veteran) lives in the mountains; occasionally people dissapear and is never found, but nobody can confirm what is going on. One day a group of friends decide to trek into the mountains and see if they can find the man. In development. Written by Lie and Kay Olssen. Release date: TBA.

famished promo

Viking Vampires (horror, comedy)
From the Vikings in Norway comes this horror-comedy about Liv, an unemployed archaeologist who takes a job offer from her half sister, Tuva. Tuva has arranged a company trip to the luxurious Valhalla Spa Resort deep in the Norwegian fjords. The place can only be reached by boat and has no mobile coverage. They have to dress up like Vikings, and row a Viking ship to the hotel. In the forest by the hotel, there is a rune stone from the Viking Age with a cryptic message. The stone has never been moved, and little do they know that the old Viking King Eirik Bloodtooth and his two brothers where buried under the stone. They are now Viking vampires, and have waited for over 1,000 years to be set free. Drunk at night, Liv accidently breaks the stone in half and frees the most dangerous Viking king in Norwegian history… To be directed by Stian Hafstad and Christer Larsen from a story by Kjersti Steinsbø and Kjersti Helen Rasmussen. Release date: TBA.

Medievil (horror)
A Danish horror feature starting with a man who accidentally kills his own wife with his car. Suddenly, as if from nowhere, a masked figure in black appears and decapitates the man. Three days later a group of students are invited to celebrate the end of the school term with a party at their teacher’s mansion house. Little do they know they are being set up for the most terrifying night of their lives. As they party through the night, each member of the group is gruesomely picked off at random by a masked intruder, The Executioner, using a series of medieval torture instruments kept on the premise. Written and directed by Kenneth L. Truelsen, produced by Mona Skriver. Currently in development. Release date: 2015.

Ghost (grindhouse, supernatural, horror)
Danish feature film in development. Estimated runtime: 70 minutes. To be directed by Kenneth L. Truelsen. Anticipated production year: 2015. Release date: TBA.

Tape_7 (horror, thriller)
Danish 90 minute feature in development. Written by Kenneth L. Truelsen and Mads Erichsen. Possible production year: 2016. Release date: TBA.

Escaping the dead (horror)
Danish zombie indie about David, a marijuana pusher, who gets in serious money trouble and finds out that selling weed isn’t gonna do it. He and his partner decide to try selling hard drugs. But the cocaine turns out to have a terrible side effect, creating a giant zombie outbreak that spreads across the entire Copenhagen. Starring Bastian Aleksander Brinch Pedersen, Rama Øzel, Kim Sønderholm, Daniel Hutera, Kim Jensen – and Troma head Lloyd Kaufman! Directed by Martin Sonntag and Bastian Aleksander Brinch Pedersen. Release date: Helloween 2015.

Asylum (horror)
A Danish feature in development at the production company Tape_7, but no details are currently known about this project. Release date: TBA.

Cannibal Fog (horror, comedy)
Another low budget Swedish movie from Jonas Wolcher, the director of Die Zombiejäger (2005). Tagline: “First bite gives you focus, third bite gives you pleasure, fifth bite – Cannibal Fog”. Inspired by movies such as Hot Fuzz, Donnie Darko and Shaun of the Dead, the film takes a lighthearted approach to taboo subjects such as sexual addiction, religion and morality, the eroticism of food and cannibalism. In post-production. Release date: November 2014.

Hermit! Monster Killer! (Horror, comedy)
A Swedish indie production directed by Ola Paulakoski. Värmland — where people are happy. Clean air, crystal clear waters, green forests. Way out there in the wilderness lives a grumpy old hermit and his faithful dog. The only thing they need to worry about are the brats who pinch their apples and the occasional lost tourist. Life is perfect, right? Or it was, until the day the bad thing happens. Yes, THAT! The day the MONSTER came! Release dater: 2015.

Don’t come after me (thriller)
In Finland, AJ Annila will directed this movie, about Jenna who was just a newborn when her mother left her to die in a frozen forest. 17 years later, Jenna tracks her mother down and invades her new family disguised as a babysitter. Release date: TBA.

Dark Woods 2 (horror)
This Norwegian horror film takes place in an old, deteriorating sanatorium, isolated in a forest in the mountains. Five contract workers have taken on the task of tracking the huge building for hazardous waste before it’s demolished. They realize that the job is more than a search for asbestos and mercury when they encounter the building’s frightening past. Big budget sequel to 2003’s Dark Woods (original title: Villmark), directed by the original director, Pål Øie. Release date: 2015.

American Burger 2 (horror, comedy)
In the Swedish American Burger 2 we follow the few and severely traumatized survivors of the American Burger massacre who very reluctantly visits the factory again. This time they are accompanied by Dr Müller and CIA agent Bob who are trying to determine whether the survivors are delusional about what happend to them or if it was for real. In development. To be directed by Bonita Drake and Johan Bromander. Release date: TBA.

Old blood (horror, comedy)
Decades have passed since Van Helsing put an end to the bloodshed of the innocent. Now, in a world free of vampires, a young med student gets a job as a night nurse in a remote retirement home in the dark Nordic alps. It doesn’t take long for her to realize that instead of serving the dinner, she is the dinner. The grumpy, old, retired vampires that live in the facility soon find out that they are messing with the wrong girl…. Just like Van Helsing, forget everything you knew about vampires – and get ready to hunt them grannies down! Written by Taneli Mustonen and Aleksi Hyvärinen, now in development in Finland. Release date: TBA.

Detroit (horror)
A Danish horror film set in Detroit, written by Lars von Trier and to be directed by Kristian Levring. The film will be about a man fighting his inner demons. Release date: TBA.

Into the town of madness (horror, thriller)
Based on the works of H.P. Lovecraft, this 2000 euro Swedish feature includes the Necronomicon, a cult, kidnapping, monsters and supernatural events. Inspired by stories such as The color out of space and Shadow over Innsmouth. Written and directed by Simon Paulakoski, starring Marlene Johnsson, Niklas Eriksson, Eli Cisneros Setterwall. Release date: Autumn 2015.

We R Animals (horror, fantasy)
Directed by Thobias Hoffmén in Sweden. R-rated animated puppet film. A comical adventure, filled with cats on drugs, evil dogs, cat-ninja assassins, vampire bats, love, cruelty and magic. Story: Snow White the rabbit is stuck in a sadistic man’s pet store; she craves for love but nobody wants to take her home. One day Snow White and the other animals escape. In development since 2010 but the producer is still working on the pre-production. Release date: 2016.

en sjel for mye teaser

One soul too much (thriller, drama)
Norwegian thriller with a supernatural touch. Four friends decide to go to France for the summer holidays. While resting in Germany, they find an old necklace lying around. Patrick, always grasping every chance he can get to score with a girl, gives it to Tonje. Shortly after, unexplainable events occur, and they realize they’re not alone anymore. Who are chasing them and why? The dream vacation seems to be turning into an unbelievable nightmare. Directed by Andy Pett, starring Andy Pett, Ingrid Kaldheim, Rino Aarvold, Maria Meyer and Angelika Bender. Release date: November 1, 2014.

HEF (horror)
Swedish low budget indie feature, to be shot this autumn. A supernatural horror film about Astrid, who gets assaulted by a burglar, and to recover she goes away to the family cabin to spend time with her sister and mother. Once there, both her sister and mother dissapear, and the attacker once again tries to finish what he started. Directed by Jonathan Katzeff. Release date: Spring 2015.

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