Dead Snow 2 in the US

Tommy Wirkola’s splatter fest Dead Snow 2 is opening in the US next month. The politically incorrect nazi-zombie-feelgood sequel is almost universally acclaimed as an improvement over the original film.

When Dead Snow released its blood-soaked Nazis on Norwegians and the world in 2009, nobody quite knew what to expect. Scandinavia had not yet produced a fully grown splatter movie, but Dead Snow made enough splash to make a sequel inevitable. The first movie also made sure that director Tommy Wirkola could launch a Hollywood career, which in turn led to better funding of the sequel. Wirkola promised that the sequel would be bigger and better, and nobody can hold that promise against him now!

The movie that described asbigger, packs more gore and takes things [in] outlandish new directions”opens theatrically and on VOD in the US on October 10th. But you should be warned; Collider’s opinion was that “if obscene humor, violence targeting the handicapped and children, and outrageously grotesque imagery are not your thing, stay far away.”

Here, check out the US teaser poster, the US final poster and the US trailer – but be warned, if you are not fond of outrageously grotesque imagery……



Theatrical screenings of the English-language version are scheduled in New York City, Columbus OH, Seattle WA, Winchester VA, Spokane WA, San Antonio TX, Lubbock TX, Ashburn VA, Gainesville FL, Vancouver WA, New Orleans LA, Houston TX, Dallas TX, Chicago ID, San Diego CA.

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