Win Xombies access

The first ever Nordic 3D horror movie, Absolute Xombies 3D, premiered recently and you can win free access to its video stream! The competition has now ended!

Shot on oldfashioned film stock and inspired by Tex Avery, Sam Raimi and George Romero, Absolute Xombies 3D is an odd and strange movie that took 7 years to complete. Now you can get access to the (so far) disc-less movie by entering our competition with 5 online stream tickets in the prize basket!


Chock-full of details, homages and set pieces made on a vintage Roger Corman size budget, without any inflation adjustment, Absolute Xombies 3D is about civilization being lost, mankind banished and the dead roaming the Earth, preying on the few remaining survivors. In this world lives Edwige, former international troublefixer for hire. Now on her last mission to capture her former master, mentor and lover.

To win the video stream ticket, we need you to know: Which actress plays Edwige? The answer is: Silje Reinåmo.

We have 5 video access tickets to give away, and you need to specify if you want the 2D video or the 3D video, and if you want any of the subtitles (Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, English).

The winners are: Marcus C, Sylvie K, Stan J, Marko O, Bob G.  Congratulations!

If you don’t win, you can order the video from Vimeo.

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