Eight autumn festivals

Want to get out in the physical world and talk to real people? Or get a pic taken with a cult actor? Or you just want to shed some blood? Here are the events for you!

An incomplete overview of horror film festivals in the Nordic region for the autumn 2014 season.

Denmark: Blood Drive
The Danish horror film production company Tape_7 Productions is one of the sponsors of the blood donation campaign Blood Drive, held in Kolding in Denmark from August 27th to 30th this year. The aim is to encourage people to donate blood for medical use, but who says one cannot do so in the light of bloody movies? The Blood Drive festival features an exhibition on the theme of blood in movies, screenings of movies, closed trade meetings, workshops and Q&As. Apart from the surprise screenings, Dead Snow and Dawn of the dead will be shown on outdoor screens. If you want to donate blood, or talk to horror fans and film insiders, or participate in the zombie run, trek to the “Trekantområdets Festuge” area in the centre of Kolding.

Denmark: Bloody Weekend
Copenhagen’s annual genre film festival returns on the 25th – 28th of September and from the 2nd – 5th of October. That’s two weekends of movies from the brutal, bloody, scary and adventurous genres! This year the festival promises to have guests such as Lloyd Kaufman, Ruggero Deodato, Ole Bornedal and Olivier Beguin. There will also be a collector’s market and screenings of movies such as These final hours, Sharknade 2, Wolfcop and Tromeo & Juliet. Check out their website for details.

blodigweekend2014Sweden: FFF
In Lund, the international festival for fantastic films, FFF, is scheduled to take place from September 25th to October 4th. The programme isn’t ready yet, but cannibal legend Ruggero Deodato is one of the guests, and one of the festival themes will be horror and fantasy films from Australia and New Zealand. FFF is an old and serious festival (founded in 1995) and is worth checking out.

Sweden: Monsters of Film
A film festival focusing on “horror, sci-fi, the fantastic, the upsetting, the provocative, the suggestive, the surreal and the artistic” – and of course monsters. Monsters of Film has existed since 2012 when it was arranged by the organisation FilmCentrum Stockholm. Since 2013 the distribution company Njutafilms is head organizer. Between 8th and 12th October this year, in Stockholm, you can participate in seminars, workshops, mingle parties, or just watch movies. The schedule for the event is not yet ready, but you can follow them on Facebook for information.

Sweden: Comic-Con
A Swedish version of the pop culture fair/festival takes place in Stockholm between October 30th and November 2nd this year. Previously known as Gamex, the convention now expands into cosplay, movies, tv series, comic books and gaming. Tickets will be released on September 12th.

Norway: Ramaskrik
This festival in mid-Norway is one of the fresh, new festivals in Norway and was organized for the first time in 2011. The programme isn’t ready yet, but the festival takes place from 16th – 19th October and you can follow them to get updates.


Norway: Tysvær Horror Fest
On October 24th and 25th the residents of Tysvær in Rogaland in Norway can enjoy a night of horror at their local cinema. Norwegian premieres, exclusive pre-premieres and screenings of movies that will not be released in Norwegian theatres are part of the programme. Check out their news on Facebook.

Finland: Night Visions Film Festival
Night Visions Film Festival is the biggest, the oldest and the most prestigious film festival in Finland focusing on horror, fantasy, science fiction, action and cult cinema. The festival is arranged twice a year in the heart of the city of Helsinki, the capital of Finland. The fall edition takes place from October 29th – November 2nd and includes Poultrygeist, Dead Snow 2 and Snowpiercer.

If you know of other festivals that should be listed here, feel free to add info in the comments.

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