Absolute Xombies preview

Premiering today is Absolute Xombies 3D, a zombie feature inspired by Tex Avery and starring everyone’s favourite forest spirit, Silje Reinåmo.

Shot in Super 16 on 20 rolls of (mostly vintage) Kodak stock, the Norwegian Absolute Xombies 3D has been 7 years in the making, demanding 25.000 workhours. This has resulted in an “over-the-top, no-holds-barred story” influenced by cartoonist Tex Avery, but also mixing in the classic styles of Louis Fuller, Sam Raimi and George Romero, according to the producers. The film is supposedly chock-full of details, homages and set pieces, all made on a vintage Roger Corman size budget, without any inflation adjustment.

absolutexombies2   absolutexombies5

As is customary in zombie films, civilization is lost, mankind banished and the dead roam the Earth preying on the few remaining survivors. In this world only the toughest survive and among the toughest is Edwige, former international troublefixer for hire. Now on her last mission to capture her former master, mentor and lover, Franco. But it’s no love left between them; not only did Franco betray her in the old world. He was also involved in the business with Boris, that may have triggered the disasterous outcome for mankind. Boris, an excentric Russian billionaire, with his own private army, is now the only force left. Unfortunately, a secret expedition to a South American jungle brought catastrophic results. Boris returned a disfigured, bitter mummy, and Franco vanished. Now Boris seeks Franco at all costs. A fully blown grandeur, three-dimensional shoestring budget dementia!


Absolute Xombies 3D facts:

  • Produced by Camilla Müller, written and directed by Johnny Markussen
  • The philosophy for the project was that budget should not dictate or restrict neither the writing nor the production
  • Production began in 2007, and the first screening took place in Cannes in 2011
  • The production faced several problems: Film stock disappeared on the way to the lab in London. The production van was burglarized four times. The leading lady had to be replaced twice. Large scale actionscenes with extras was scrapped and replaced with process shots. The 2011 Oslo terrorist attack put the movie on hold due to a coincidence of locations.
  • Initially shot flat (2D) in Super 16, at a cost of roughly $50.000, not counting over 25.000 hours of work
  • The film received no sponsoring, funding or financial support of any kind
  • Filming wrapped in November 2008
  • During the editing process, a desicion was made to convert the film into “handmade 3D”
  • It was the first Norwegian 3D feature film, although a bigger movie “stole” the title due to release delays
  • Image aspect ratio: Widescreen 1:1.85
  • Sound: Digital surround 5.1
  • Language: English
  • Playing time: 74 minutes


Appearing in the “cheap, crude, horror-adventure” as Edwige is Thale star Silje Reinåmo, who acts alongside David Allen, Hanna Jenny Stark, Henrik Berg Larsen, Michael Boardman Bø, Magnus Kjørrefjord and T. Benjamin Larsen.

Absolute Xombies 3D is distributed in USA and Canada by Wild Eye Releasing (on VOD and DVD, and possibly also limited edition VHS) and online from Vimeo from August 22nd.


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