Horror next for Lars

Danish auteur Lars von Lars_von_Trier_2014Trier is writing the script for a horror movie set in Detroit.

The man who gave us such crazy genre entries as The kingdom, Antichrist and Melancholia is set to handle horror in his next movie, which is currently trying to find funding. However, von Trier will not direct; that job has tentatively been given to another Dane, Kristian Levring, who this year became the first Dane to direct a Western film, The salvation.

The working title of the project is simply Detroit. von Trier has been writing the movie for about a month now, following years of encouragement and nagging by Levring. Perhaps von Trier has more time to write movies, now that he isn’t in Cannes, as he was declared unwanted there since his infamous joke in 2011, when he said he understood Hitler and that he was a Nazi.

The new film will be about a man fighting his inner demons. Says Levring: -That doesn’t say much, but that’s because we have not come further. And everything that’s being written now can be rewritten 50 times before the production starts. The Nymphomaniac director is writing the script at home in Denmark and sends drafts to Levring via email for him to read in the UK.

Levring says he is really into the horror genre. -I am of the generation that grew up with Psycho and The Exorcist, and it’s a marvellously visual genre, if made right. He also promises that it will not be a psychological horror film. -No, we’re in real horror territory here. There is of course something psychological involved, but it’s a real horror film. That’s what we are working towards. He adds that the movie is titled Detroit because that is where the movie takes place, and because there’s a wordplay on Detroit and destroyed in the film.

The film will be produced by von Trier’s own company, Zentropa, but unlike most of von Trier’s own films, Detroit might be shot in the US. While von Trier has a phobia of flying and has never set foot in USA, he gets away with that now that he is writing the movie, not directing it.


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