Outburst posters

Just because you have made a short film, it doesn’t mean you have to settle for only one poster!

The Danish horror short Outburst has teamed up with a handful of artists in order to make posters that, like the movie itself (which we reported on here), pays hommage to the good old days of horror. Says Henrik Andersen, the director and one of the producers: -I remember being a child and going to my local cinema theatre, and was spellbound by the posters hanging there. When I looked at the posters, my imagination ran wild. In those days the posters were often drawn by hand, and in particular those with small drawn scenes from the movies fascinated me. That’s why the poster for Outburst shoould be one that you can [explore and find a story in], and trigger the curiousity and preferably make the viewer look forward to seeing the film.

Illustrator Daniel Hvid has made the final poster for Outburst, and apart from the main character, The Girl Without Name, the poster displays several characters found in the film. -Everything you see in the poster is in the movie, from the boils to the eggs, says Andersen, who is very happy about Hvid hitting the mark  in both style and content.

Andersen thinks that current poster art is suffering from quick Photoshop collages of film stills, and he’s annoyed by movies that don’t put an effort into their promotional artwork, especially since the poster is the movie’s face. Thus he took a different approach for his own movie: -We always wanted a series of posters for the film, so we’re thankful that so many talented artists wanted to contribute to getting our ideas on print, Andersen says.

Outburst premieres on video in September 2014. Here is the final poster art, and some other teaser posters.


Final poster by Daniel Hvid.

udbrud_teaserposter_andreas krag

Teaser poster by Andreas Krag.


Teaser poster by Hans Jacob Østerø.


Teaser poster by Tim Sørensen.


DVD box art by Allan Sørensen.

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