First try for Last Exit

It’s not every day a new DVD labellast exit logo specializing in horror is established in Sweden, but Last Exit Entertainment has chosen to pick a fight with some interesting releases as their weapons.

In spite of decreasing DVD sales, streaming video and download pirates (and banks refusing to process payments for horror retailers), the newly formed Stockholm business Last Exit Entertainment is giving the video business a go with a series of cult horror films. Last Exit is run by Jason Meredith and Tomas Sandquist, who are both well known in the Swedish horror circuit. Sandquist previously worked for the retailer Dark Entertainment and co-directed the horror film Insane, while Meredith runs the blog Cinezilla and also “Sweden’s best horror podcast” The Human Centipod with Fred “Ex-Ninja”Anderson.

Their first release is the nails-cover-smallRussian movie Nails, Andrey Iskanov’s debut feature. Presented by Iskanov himself in a newly produced introduction, this edition will include a number of extra features and a bonus CD containing the soundtrack, exclusive to this edition. This release will also see a new remastered and colour corrected version of the film, supervised by Iskanov himself to make it the ultimate version of Nails. It tells the tale of a young hit man who, being confronted by his guilt, takes to relieving his emotions by hammering ten inch nails into his head. Instead of relief he finds that his actions trigger a hallucinatory state and nightmarish visions! Turning to his high-power industrial drill as a last exit, he passes a limit no man has previously been beyond…


Nails will hopefully set the standard for future Last Exit releases, which include three other Iskanov titles; Visions of Suffering, Philosophy of a knife, and Ingression, as well as two movies directed by Marc Rohnstoch; Graveyard of the living dead and Necronos. For the moment, Last Exit has not signed any Swedish or Nordic films, but are open for the possibility, should the right movie need a distributor.

Last Exit Entertainment competes with Njuta Films in Sweden and Another World Entertainment in Denmark. Also read about Dark Entertainment.

The label presents themselves as “enthusiasts, creators and connoisseurs, dedicated to releasing movies in the horror and cult genres. Our goal and ambition is to bring mind-expanding, intriguing and original independent genre films to a wider audience. From artistic Russian mind fuckers, to German nihilistic gore-fests, we will pursue only the strangest and finest of alternative genre cinema for your viewing pleasure.”

While their next releases are horror films, Last Exit also plans to release arthouse films and documentaries.

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