NordicFantasy joins HBA

The blog you are reading is not only the only one of its kind in the world and on the net, it is now also a member of the Horror Blogger Alliance.

Since 2010, the Horror Blogger Alliance has been promoting horror blogs on the net to film fans, horror hounds and industry insiders. Around 900 blogs are currently members of the HBA, which is organized by Jeremy Hawkins. He says the HBA is “dedicated to the individuals that pour their tireless effort, heart, and soul in to writing about the genre they love: Horror.”

The Horror Blogger Alliance is an open-admission organization that promotes new and existing blogs and bloggers, and helps introducing the community to a wide variety of different talents. -It is always important to recognize the hard work that every person contributes to the online blogging community, and every single person deserves the right to be read, Hawkins says.

NordicFantasy joined the HBA after Hawkins found the site to be “crazy cool… I find myself watching the Star Wars fan film, looks good so far!”


New HBA members in April include Dr. Doyle’s Dungeon (which includes a section on the very worst horror movies ever created), Carnography (the site owner’s interests are horror movies, comic books, criminology, knitting and cross stitch….) and Nerds die last (“another shitty horror movie blog”).



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