Christmas Cruelty preview

Santa: -I need something for a guy in a wheelchair. Shop clerk: -Did you have anything special in mind? Santa: -I was thinking perhaps a chainsaw. This Christmas will be friendly and warm, as long as you’re not asking this Santa to hand out surprises…

Christmas horror is a small but established genre, although in Scandinavia there have been few, if any, entries. Norwegian directors Magne Steinsvoll og Per-Ingvar Tomren set out to change that with Christmas Cruelty (original title: O Hellige Jul) as they decided to make a movie in the same spirit as low budget slashers were made in the 1970s; experimental filming, no computer effects and no regards for health and safety regulations. And, of course, lots of rape, gore and blood.

The story in the holiday hell-tale is about preparations for Christmas and about a twisted friendship, and an even more twisted serial killer’s gruesome work with powertools, knives and his male limb.

Watch these stills only if you want to ruin your cosy Christmas comfort!


Cast & crew interview (in Norwegian):

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Christmas Cruelty opens theatrically at Tomrefjord kino in Vestnes in Norway on December 13th, with a disc release TBC.

Merry Christmas!

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