The House preview

From the director of The whore and Inside the whore comes The House, an atmospheric horror-thriller set in Norway during World War 2.

The 90 minute low budget film will be shot between January 12 and 24, 2014, and will be directed by Reinert Kiil, known for his two exploitation films The whore and Inside the whore. Written by Kiil and Jan Helge Lillevik, the story is about three soldiers in occupied Norway during WW2; two Germans are keeping a Norwegian prisoner, and as they find themselves in the wilderness they realize that the war is not their greatest concern, as something from their past catches up with them from its hiding place in the Norwegian mountains. The German soldiers will be played by two German actors, and most of the dialogue will be in German.


The House, which Reinert Kiil describes as a mix of The Shining and The Conjuring, is expected to be finished in August 2014, and will mainly be shown at festivals. Anyone interested in contributing to the 10.000 dollar budget are invited to get in touch with Kiil now. Write to if you are interested in contributing money or if you have film crew experience and want to work on the movie.

August 2015 update: The director anticipates that the film will be released in January 2016.

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