Wither on disc

The Swedish vittra dvdsplatter film Wither will be released on DVD in Sweden next week.

Although the film was released on DVD in USA in August and on BluRay in Germany (as Cabin of the dead) in May, Wither (original title; Vittra) will be available in its home country Sweden from November 27th. Billed as the “first Swedish zombie film to be shown in cinemas”, the bloodsoaked film won three awards at the Nocturna Fantastic Film Festival in Spain; Best special effects, Best director and Best film.

The plot: “A group of close friends have decided to spend the weekend in a remote and seemingly abandoned house deep inside the forest. Upon arriving, the party soon gets started, but one of the girls is not feeling well. It doesn’t take long before she is transformed to a different kind of being, a Scandinavian folklore creature only heard of in myths. Chaos soon breaks out and the group find themselves fighting for their lives. The night goes on, but the horror has just started. They have with their presence in the house, unleashed unnatural powers that will force them to do whatever is necessary to stay alive.”

DVD features:

  • Swedish Dolby Digital 5.1 audio
  • Swedish subtitles
  • Widescreen 2.35:1 anamorphic image
  • Bonus material: Video diary (32 minuutes), a 12 minute deleted scene, theatrical trailers, teaser trailer with music by Sara Varga, trailers for Blood runs cold and Madness

The DVD (no BluRay is planned for Sweden) will be available to buy at CDON, Discshop, Ginza, Home Entertainment Filmclub, Webhallen, Rocks, Hemmakväll and other retailers. from November 27th.


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