Dyke Hard preview

Sweden has been adykehardstill-03 sexually open country for some time, so it’s maybe not surprising that the Swedes will be releasing the lesbian exploitation musical Dyke Hard on the world.

Dyke Hard is a feature length independent movie currently being produced in Sweden by a group of “film nerds in love with trash”. The movie is about a failed lesbian rock group on their way to a battle of the bands in the big city. They team up with a thaiboxer and together they go through all kinds of adventures with ghosts, ninjas, cyborgs, prison breaks, evil rollerderby girls, a motorcycle gang and a mysterious billionaire. Add to that the fact that the movie is a musical, taking place in the age of big hair and broad shoulders, specifically 1986, and you will not have seen much like it before.

-In true John Waters style we explore female comedy to the chocking max, but men-loving viewers need not worry; there will be plenty of poledancers, prison guards, cute bears and body builder ballet as well. Also tranny chasers should love this movie since several of the main characters and many of the extras are transgendered or transsexual, director Bitte Andersson explains. Political and social commentary aside, the movie will also offer eyecandy in the form of gory splatter effects and contributions from Martin Borell of Fido, one of Scandinavias biggest effects studios that previously contributed to such major movies as Underworld Awakening and Kick-Ass.

The plot of Dyke Hard is based on a series of fake trailers that the director and her team made as a wish list to the film industry. After having made an action film trailer, they changed their minds and decided to put the sci-fi trailer, the horror-trailer, the prison trailer, the biker trailer and the other trailer ideas together in one feature length movie instead. That way all the work that was put into the short films would get more screentime than just a couple of minutes. Dyke Hard pays tribute to low-budget genre films and is the synthesis of horror, rom-com, action and sci-fi in one single road movie.

The English-language 46.000 dollar movie (of which 6200 dollars were donations collected at Kickstarter) will be distributed by trash film legends Troma, and the team hopes to premiere the movie at the Frameline film festival in San Francisco in June 2014. All scenes have been shot and what remains is post-production, which is expected to finish in February. The initial rough cut was no less than 3 hours long, but the final film will run around 90 minutes.

Bitte Andersson, who was the special effects foreman on Troma’s Poultrygeist, is not only Dyke Hard‘s director, but also the film’s screenwriter, producer, and costume assistant (in addition to being a comic artist). Lead roles are plated by Lina Kurttila, Alle Eriksson, Maria Wågensjö, Peggy Sands, Josephine Wilson,  and Iki Gonzalez Magnusson.

Update: Dyke Hard premieres in Swedish theatres and on VOD on March 6, 2015.



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