Christmas Star on video soon

The 2012 remake of Journey to the Christmas Star was a massive theatrical success, and the home video release on November 6 is just in time for the next Christmas rush.

With 440.000 theatricaljulestjernen 2012 poster tickets sold in Norway, Journey to the Christmas Star was one of the big hits of 2012 and the DVD and BluRay launch on November 6 is therefore highly anticipated. Distributor Walt Disney Nordic expects to sell 100.000 units, of which 1/4 is expected to be BluRay. -This movie has everything it takes to be a success; great reviews, famous actors, a familiar story and not least it is very entertaining for the whole family, says sales manager at Disney, Gustav Wedel Jarlsberg to Videomagasinet.

Disc features:

  • Trailer
  • Interview with the director
  • Interview with the costume designer
  • Bloopers
  • 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen presentation
  • Norwegian and English 5.1 DTS audio
  • Norwegian and English subtitles
  • Region 2 coding

In the film we meet 13 year old kind-hearted Sonja, who arrives at a tiny village together with a company of bandits. But there is a curse on the village. A long time ago, the King?s only daughter Goldhair disappeared while searching for the Christmas Star. The Queen died of a broken heart, leaving the shattered King all on his own. From that day on, the King cursed the Christmas Star, thereby causing darkness and grief to descend upon the land. However, an old sage has revealed that Goldhair is still alive, and will return only if the King finds the way back to the Christmas Star. Ever since, the King has been searching for the Christmas Star every Christmas, but all in vain.

The 77 minute epic fantasy film was directed by Academy Award nominee Nils Gaup, and will be available on DVD and BluRay in Norway from November 6, 2013.