Three years of Nordic Fantasy

Today, celebrates its third anniversary. On September 23, 2010 the first post was made, and we now enter our fourth year!

Did you know; in order to get collected news and reviews on cinematic and televised horror, fantasy and exploitation from the Nordic countries, there is only one place to go; here! Not only are you now reading the world’s only resource of its kind, but is also a popular resource with up to 10.000 readers per day! That means that the site is of value not only to film fans, but also to producers, directors and distributors who want to reach out to those fans, wether they have a theatrical blockbuster like Journey to the Christmas Star or an indie cult hit like The thrill of a kill to sell.

What: is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of genre movies from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland (the Nordic countries). The website aims to inform about films, video and TV within the science fiction, fantasy, exploitation and horror genres, as these genres are the smallest up here, and deserve more attention. does not cover crime movies, thrillers, action films or comedies.

The last year have seen a variety of releases and new projects; from the first ever DVD release of the 1980s cult classic Blood Tracks, via the absurd splatter comedy Hellfjord to Iceland’s first CG animated film, the Viking fantasy story about Thor. Another first was Sweden’s Wither, their first theatrical zombie film. In small countries, it’s sometimes easy to be first, but in fact, with genre movies in the Nordic region, nothing is easy and the people behind these movies deserve all the support they can get.

Speaking of people, thale - siljeScandinavians are hotter than ever in Hollywood. There was “always” Max von Sydow, but now we can add actors like Silje Reinåmo (pictured), Kristoffer Hivju, Malin Åkerman, Noomi Rapace and Joel Kinnaman to the list, and we’re happy that they are attached to several genre projects. The same can be said for directors; André Øvredal, Harald Zwart and Nicolas Winding Refn are names to watch out for in the coming years. So it’s not just that our Nordic movies are enjoyed more and more all over the world, but the world has also discovered the talents of a new generation of thespians and creators from the North.

Why: Fantastical movies are the least produced genre in the Nordic region and it is often difficult to export movies to foreign markets. Nordic movies are mostly known for being very artistic or very mainstream. In fact, sci-fi has never been an important part of Nordic cinema, and horror emerged only in the 00s as a genre to depend on, albeit still a small scene today. I discovered that there is no single, good resource on the net that collects information, news and reviews specifically on the topic of Nordic speculative cinema.

The genre film audience is a very curious and loyal audience, and they don’t mind foreign languages, low budgets, very low budgets, or having to order discs from obscure retailers that may not accept credit cards. That’s why genre directors and producers up here have a chance; they know they can get their product out, as they are not subject to traditional criteria, distribution channels and content filters. They know that they have an audience that demands original and creative movies, no matter how weird the monsters are.

Best greetings from
Glenn, Dag, Steinar, Marie


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