Bamse preview

There is no shortage of children’s fantasy entertainment in Scandinavia; young kids are very open to fairytales, adventures and all sorts of cuddly creatures. Bamse is one of the most beloved characters in Sweden.

Bamse is a Bamse.jpegcharacter created by Rune Andréasson in 1966. Known by several generations as the friendly and helpful bear who gets super strength when he eats Grandma’s thunder honey, the Bamse franchise includes comic books, toys, TV movies, computer games and clothing. However, the first feature film has yet to be released, and the first theatrical title Bamse och tjuvstaden (meaning Bear and the city of thieves) premieres in January 2014.

Now the first video teaser has been released for the film, which was first announced in 2006. In the movie, Bamse and his two friends (a turtle and a rabbit) travels through Troll Forest and into The City of Thieves in order to save Grandma from the evil fox Reinhard.

Animators in Taiwan started working on the film in 2012. Unlike the previous TV movies and short films, the 60-minute feature film’s characters will have their own voices. The 25 million SEK film (around 2.9 million euro) is based on an original script by Johan Kindblom och Tomas Tivemark under the direction of Christian Ryltenius.

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